Shower of Happiness For Renee!!!

Sitting down to write this post, I had to reflect upon my connection with Renee and in turn of course many more connections. I started reading Renee's blog, But Why Mommy back in June of 2008! Sometimes it's easy to forget and time just seems to pass, but you really do get to know someone over the years through their words, their thoughts, and how they play Words With Friends (haha!).

Renee is sitting on the cusp of one of the most exciting times of her life. Her patience is being tested beyond belief, but her will and devotion is beyond incredible. She knows in her heart her family will be growing soon and her son, Lion will be coming home to their family within the next few months. Lion is currently living in Ethiopia, but soon enough his place of birth and the first year of his life will just become part of his story. His family is waiting for him in the United States. Lion will come home to a loving mother and father, a wonderful intelligent and creative big sister Bunny.

This is my second time participating in a virtual baby shower, the first time was for MommyGeek when she was due with her second daughter back in October 2008! I love sharing in the virtual gathering and celebrating families and the happy times.

So now for a little advice for Renee. I apologize having two girls, I don't have much advice in the boy department. I did grow up with three brothers, so maybe I'll sneak in some life experience. I thought I would stick to advice for having a second child because sometimes it's hard to imagine how your going to make it all work with another child. But knowing what a great mother Renee is, I know the transition will be smooth and before long she'll be a juggling pro!

I believe Issa already passed Renee the cake and a cute hat, so with out further adieu:

To help ease the transition for Bunny, I would set aside special time for the two of you. Maybe once or twice a month have a special date or outting, maybe even tea or dinosaur playtime you two can enjoy together at home. She'll come to understand that she does have special mommy time and I'm sure you'll both look forward to it. I try to give my girls one on one time, something we can do together at least once a month.

From experience with friends' boys, I've learned that most generally speaking boys are very physical! Boys tend to have the gross motor skills on their mind from when they start moving, so get ready to move furniture and expect to find Lion on top of the refrigerator after balancing a few chairs and some countertop maneuvering. Your patience may be tested in the fine motor skill department, as it was so natural for Bunny with art, drawing, writing. Lion may just naturally be more athletic and have a harder time with a pair of scissors!

When Lion first comes home, try to ease into a routine. Don't be hard on yourself. At first all of you are going to be tired and working through adjusting with jetlag. Routine is something that will come naturally, but be kind to yourself. You don't have to do everything at once, sometimes the dishes can wait, the laundry will get done. Embrace the nurturing and let all the other things on the to do list take a back seat while you can. Also, let people help when they offer. I know it's hard, but if it makes your life easier so you can focus on the kids, I say accept all the help you are offered!

My last bit of advice is time. Take time for yourself, take the time the kids are going to need, take time to cherish the moments as your family grows. Savor the beauty of your new son Lion and how wonderful it is that he has finally come home to you.

Can't wait for his arrival. Congrats Renee, I am so happy for you!


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  1. Thank you friend. This is just so amazing. I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life.

  2. What a sweet post and great advice to boot! Since I'll be welcoming my second child in April too, I'll take it all to heart!

  3. These virtual parties are so sweet. Congrats Renee and best of luck!!


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