Bento Tips! Easter Eggs Aren't Just For Easter...

Have you ever packed your child's lunch and thought, I hope they wash their hands before they eat? I believe in my daughter's class they do wash their hands in the classroom before lining up for lunch, but I'm not sure if they get to it everyday. Sometimes time slips away and they are running late, sometimes the teacher may forget.

I like Sj to be prepared, so I always pack a little hand wipe in her lunch for her. Now is the time to pick up some plastic Easter eggs at your local store and put them to good bento use. The eggs are a perfect reusable place to store the hand wipe! Better yet, you can find really neat ones that have characters on them. I always keep my eye out for cute and interesting eggs and definitely hit up clearance sales.

Fair warning, sometimes the eggs are hard to close. It's nice to have a big go to selection so you don't find yourself struggling for five minutes during the morning rush. The new Hello Kitty eggs I just picked up for $2.00 for a three pack are very easy to open and close!



  1. meant to say to you this morning, bought some transformer ones, the boy loves them! Thanks for the idea.


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