Countertop Aesthetic, Good Bye Coffee Pot, Hello Water Kettle...

Come step inside my kitchen. Countertop aesthetic is something my husband and I have always agreed on. We prefer to have space on the countertops and cluttery appliances tucked away. Cookbooks are stored in my office and piles of papers have to be removed nightly. For years, I've fought the coffee pot on the countertop. J is the coffee drinker of the family, so I just see it as an eyesore. We've never invested in a top notch coffee pot because they wear out or we break a carafe, so cheap and easy to replace is the way we go. Well taking that route has a price, they are just dreadful to look at. We have a special space in a cabinet for ours, but getting it put in there daily is a chore. Instead most of the time, it gets left out. I am happy to share I've found a solution to our eye sore!

First let's see our other counters.

Below you will see the two countertops that are adjacent to our range. Simple, fruit basket. I will admit, I tend to allow cookbooks to accumulate to the right of the fruit basket, but they do have a spot on a bookshelf in my office. It's just habit, especially if I'm using them for a few days in a row. Other counter, houses the toaster oven, an appliance we use at least once a day. Hiding just behind it, cutting boards which are too big and cumbersome to store anywhere else. I would love to have them put away.

On our largest countertop, we have open space, except for my favorite kitchen appliance my stand mixer. It was designed to be looked at, I could never fathom having it stored away even if I had the cabinet space. The green apple color was my husband's choice, unique huh?

Now let me introduce you to our coffee pot or Exhibit A. Blah. See to the right, that cute cabinet that was perfectly designed to house our coffee pot? Coffee pot in the cabinet, me not itching out of my skin or also known as, very content. Maybe if I consumed coffee I'd feel differently.

Now, this is the exciting part of the story. A month ago I was given a new beautiful, shiny, stainless steel electric water kettle. After my trip to London, an electric kettle was a must! Press a button and voile, hot water for tea is ready. Oh and it's pretty, isn't it? With my tea consumption, I decided I must have a cute sugar bowl to keep on display (uh, oh what happened to an uncluttered countertop) and I found this lovely one with birds at Anthropologie a few weeks ago. Then for my husband's birthday I had a brilliant idea.

A french press.

It's on the tray below, left hand side. Isn't it lovely compared to the grey and black coffee pot? Now I know coffee lovers appreciate a cup of french press, so isn't my new set up just wonderful? I do need a better try to house the french press, tin of tea, and sugar bowl, but for now I'm making due with what's on hand.
disclosure: all products shown and mentioned were purchased by our family. Kitchen Aid, Breville, and Anthropologie if you are looking for a blogger to style out, email me!


  1. Super cool - love that sugar holder. So pretty! I love getting glimpses into other peoples homes!

  2. My husband installed a hot water tap at our sink when we redid our countertops. You have to warn guests, but it is, by far, my favorite thing in the kitchen. Instant steaming water.

    And can you come to my house? I'm a total clutterbug in the kitchen and I *hate* it.

  3. I have to agree with your aesthetic. I like having open, uncluttered counters. Yours look beautiful, and I'm absolutely drooling over your stand mixer. That's like, number one on my registry wish lists.

  4. I have the same Breville! I use it 5 - 10 times a day!

  5. I love it :) You have a really great eye---the blue stands out and really pops! Pretty pretty!

    I would totally do french press but I have one of those fancy grind and brew (and about 10 other things) coffee pots---yes, it is the very first real thing I replaced last month. I love my coffee but someone sent me some very yummy tea bags and I am getting into the afternoon tea time habit.

  6. Damn girl, you have been on the blogging role lately! Nice to see you so inspired. And I really like that fruit basket. xoxo Keri


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