Scaling Down, The Time Has Finally Come...

It may have been just four short days after I returned home from London when I called my husband into the bedroom. I told him, it's time. Of course he inquired as to what in the world I was talking about, really it could be time for anything.

It's time to sell the house, I said in a very nonchalant calm tone.

Just like that. Bam. Let's move. I'm done, I'm ready, next phase. Let's do this.

You see, it's always been me, the resistant one. I'm comfortable in our current home. Where we want to move to is way more expensive, which means less house for more money. But I'm over worrying about the size house we are going to buy and more concerned about the life we want to live. We are moving back to the town my husband works in and where our daughter attends school. Our move out to the suburbs wasn't a move into our dream home. It was our first home. A house i've cherished from day one, but I am ready to say goodbye to. Now it's time to move on to our second home, which I am sure won't exactly be our dream home. In my heart I'm truly okay with taking steps, small steps to achieve our goal. Once I am working again full time, we'll be even closer to the home we may want to settle down in for years and years and years to come.

Last night I checked out a huge armful of books from the library. They were mainly books on home organizing and purging, some books on selling your house (we've never sold a home before), and cook books. I had the realization that I need to keep my family nourished from the inside as we shed so much on the outside.
The first book I started to read and became enthralled by was called, Scaling Down. The content immediately lured me in, it's written by a woman that helps people let go of their stuff. Really, I have stuff, more stuff, and then even more stuff tucked away on the high shelf of the closet. When we moved in, we didn't have full closets and stuffed shelves in the garage, or even a 10x10 shed that has it's fair share of items. We've grown over the past seven years as a family, we now have two children, and we've filled our home. Literally and figuratively.

It's like, have space, let's fill it!!!

What struck me most about this book, is that I am reading about downsizing when most of my friends are upgrading. It's that phase in life, where friends are moving into homes they envision spending a good 20 years in, maybe more, maybe less. Some friends have recently told me they need a bigger house just for their stuff. For us, now we are working through our possessions, belongings, emotional attachments. We are working towards our goal of living a lifestyle that more fits our family. I want to grocery shop in the town I live in. My husband wants to bike to work everyday and come home for lunch, if he so chooses. We want to be a short bicycle ride from a hiking trail. I want the mountains to not be a squint off in the distance, I want them to be in my backyard. We will more than likely become a one car family.

I want to be back in the town that once left an impression so strong in my heart that I picked up and moved 1,800 miles from my family to live there. Seven years away in the suburbs and the silent song is calling my heart back.

There are many things I will miss about my first home, but for now it's time to focus on all the wonderful opportunities that will be just looming on the horizon. It feels like a load off to share this news. I'm sure this will be just the first of many posts about moving, letting go, packing, and discovering our new home.

My hardest job, convincing my girls that it's okay to not have so much stuff. Oh and let's throw my husband in the mix, does anyone other than Lance Armstrong need 6 bicycles?


  1. Good for you! Sounds like an excellent plan you have! Best of luck selling your house quickly. I don't think anyone else besides Lance Armstrong needs six bikes, but then again, I certainly don't need all my shoes! :)

  2. Brava! I purged SO MUCH STUFF when we moved into our rental and it felt so freeing. I on a constant mission to scale down.

    Although now that we are moving back into our remodeled house, I am afraid I will start to accumulate stuff again. I am so much more aware now though.

    Anway, sounds like a great plan! We should all be learning to live with less.

  3. I love what you're saying here darling and I'm with you 100%, oh, except for 6 bikes comment!! might be some therapy sessions involved with letting any bikes go ;) -hubbs

  4. Love the post and I can't wait to go along with you for the ride!

  5. I love that last line about the bikes. It made me laught out loud. SIX!? He sounds like my brother...

  6. We're doing something similar but not to move back to our dream locaiton (you know where that is) but to move somewhere....the next adventure.

    I can't convince my husband that we don't need the giant home gym and that we should cut our losses.

  7. Good luck! I'm sure you will have lots of stories and wisdom to share throughout this process.

  8. My husband would be more than willing to give to give you some tips on selling--I know your market is different but some things are always the same. The big thing is price---get a good comp :)
    The Petit Appetite is one of my favorites too so much so I called the author and had a long chat with her :)

  9. You are such a beautiful blogger. We're getting ready to enter a transitional phase, too, and selling our house is something I'm also resisting. I wish you luck and look forward to following your journey!

  10. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Best of luck :) - Melissa

  11. Hey! I had a lot of catching up to you - having not visited your blog in a while... !! You've been busy!! And thinking of a move.. good for you guys! I have been feeling that same itch to simplify, simplify, simplify... I don't live in the suburbs.. but I DO live in the country... and a good 30-45 minutes away from everything I need in life... lately I've been wanting to move back to the nearest town - where I can walk or bike to everything from the school the grocery store the library the post office the farmer's market... the cafe and the bookstore... seriously - what else does one need? Simplifying, downsizing.. purging.. these are all good things - and it's Spring - what a wonderful time to think about new beginnings!! I look forward to hearing more about your move as you go through the whole process - how exciting for you guys!!!


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