Tiffin Picnic Lunch For 3

Years ago, I picked up a Tiffin lunch box in Brattleboro, Vermont. It was on a whim and way before I had ever given bentoing any thought. I was lured by the stainless steel of the Tiffin Box and even the cute matching insulated bag. Tiffin boxes are most common in India. Tiffin is a term used in India for a hot light meal or snack anytime of the day.

The other day I met a friend for an outting at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. As I was packing up our lunches, I decided to bust out the Tiffin. Our Tiffin is large, so it's more like a picnic lunch size. Rather than pack 3 separate bentos, I just packed one Tiffin! It has three stacking trays that lock into one another. I used the top as a plate for one of my daughters. One tray contains our sandwiches or meat/cheese wraps, Whole Foods 365 cheese puffs, and some fresh strawberries with decorative picks. Easy and waste free.

Very convenient and fun!

If you like the ease of a Tiffin, I recently saw a personal size one for very cheap at Cost Plus World Market. There are also many websites, just search Tiffin.