Tuesday Tips: Easy To Make, Magnetic Door Weekly Organizer!

At the start of the school year, I had a really hard time keeping track of the days my daughter needed to keep things straight for school. On Monday and Tuesday she must wear sneakers for gym class and on Thursday library books are returned. The first day she came home in tears because we dropped the ball on sending back her library books, I knew I needed a system to help me stay organized.

I thought, well where do I look when I'm heading out, where is the best place to put reminders? I found myself writing post it notes and sticking them on the backside of our front door. Sometimes overnight the sticky notes would fall off, which is of no help at all. Then I decided to take it to the next level, I would create a calendar on the back of the door that is reusable. My front door is made of metal and in turn, magnetic. I decided to make the best use of that feature when I made the weekly calendar. Cost to me- $0, as I had all the necessary supplies on hand. Make due with what you have, that's the best part!

How-To Make Your Own:
  • Paper (plain or fancy, whatever you have!)
  • White Board tack paper (this comes in a roll like shelf liner paper)
  • clips
  • roll of sticky magnets
  • dry erase marker

1. Print out the days of the week on your computer, these will be the backbone of your calendar. Be creative (unlike me) decorate them or color them by hand! Let your kids share in the fun.

2. Print out reminders that stay consistent from week to week, dance class, sports, library day, PE day, homework, etc.

3. Print out 4-5 reusable shapes that you can write activities on that change weekly.

4. Cut out all days of the week, activities, and reusable shapes.

5. Turn your reusable shape into dry erase marker user friendly either by laminating (at an office supply store or if you have access to a laminator) or simply cut out some "white board tack paper" which I found at target. It's just like shelf liner paper. I suppose you could even make due with some packaging tape.

6. Take your laminate reusable shape and place a small square of sticky magnet on the back of it. You can purchase a roll of magnets that have sticky adhesive on one side, you simply cut the size you need, peel off the sticker and apply to the back of your shape. Easy enough! Then use a dry erase marker to change your reminder from week to week.

7. Organize the back of your door!

I started with Monday and left plenty of space in between days so my shapes with changing reminders for the week had enough room. I simply taped the activities on the back of the door under the week that wouldn't be changing.

What about the clip? I use the clip to hold important papers, such as my public library book print out. I keep it on the back of the door so I can quickly glance at it when I am hauling my load of books and dvds back to the library. I also have a post card there with my milk delivery order (which I just started) to remind me to grab the milk on my deliver morning. I will be making a regular reminder for that now.

Where can this go?
Well obviously you can make it really creative with the paper you use to print on, font, or hand decorated days of the week. Seeing it in the photos all white on the back of my white door looks awfully boring. I think it's time to switch it up. Here's an up close shot:

Enjoy! How do you stay organized and on top of weekly tasks and reminders? Please share.


  1. Brilliant!

    I write everything down on the calendar in the kitchen, but I need a bigger calendar!

  2. Wow! Very cool - way to stay on top of things and organized! I so need to do this! Thanks!

  3. i forgot to pay preschool this month, they called today. oops. I either need a much bigger family calendar that I sort of utilize, or a new brain.

  4. Love this idea! And quite obvious that you're a former teacher...I have a roll of magnetic tape that I used to diagram sentences with my seventh graders.

    Once I have more than two people to remember things for, I'm totally doing this.


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