Ugh, Mud Season!

I'm sitting here laughing a bit. Last week I posted six times, this week it's looking like life just got the best of me. The weather has been wonderful all week. I felt compelled to make the best of it. For some odd reason I had it in my head that it was going to snow, on Wednesday there was a little tease of snow and rain mix. Luckily for us, it was just a tease and the sunshine has come back in full force!

Our friend Milo, the goofy black lab loves our backyard. Unfortunately with the snow sticking around longer in shady spots of our yard, it's officially mud season back there. Muddy paws make me cringe and quite frankly tired. Off the back of our house we have a garage door and french doors. I decided to build Milo his own potty aka dog run. The other day when it was 50 degrees, I headed out back, tore down the wire fencing I had on my planting bed and made better use of it. See my work below!

Luckily for us, our 75lb big dog doesn't realize he can literally just step over the fence. Yes, those are leaves, still on the ground in ummm...March. They help manage the doggie waste much easier than just on the rocks that sit on that awful looking side yard. With the looming prospect of putting our house on the market preparing the backyard just scares me. I prefer the fun landscaping, gardening and planting flowers. Unfortunately my husband is not that obsessive yard guy, so we are both in for some work before the for sale sign goes up!

So you heard it here first, Goodbye mud season! I won't miss you.


  1. Good luck! Sometimes playing in the mud can be fun. Just remember to laugh ;) (yes there's a story, yes I'll tell it sometime)

  2. I am sure with the dry air here mud season won't be long and we will be near summer.

    we still have leaves too, that early snow fall froze them to the ground. i still can't move them.

  3. It seems like we ALWAYS have mud. Not my favorite thing.- Melissa

  4. "my husband is not that obsessive yard guy" is an understatement for me! Oh - those lingering Fall leaves... He promised that he'll get to it this weekend. We'll see...


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