Where Colorado Locals Go: Ooka Sushi and Asian Cuisine

The intersection of 120th and Main Street in Broomfield has turned into an Asian food mecca. Dim Sum to Pho to the Pacific Ocean Market are some of the offerings within a quarter mile radius. Where once there was a Boston Market is now a Sushi and Asian cuisine restaurant called, Ooka.

Of course we had to give Ooka a try and I am glad we did. This is what we ordered:

Summer Roll with Shrimp (spring rolls not fried, in rice paper)
Spicy Salmon Roll
Avocado/Cucumber Roll
Sesame Tofu
Yaki Udon
Brown rice

Definitely liked the spring rolls, the peanut sauce had great flavor. The sushi was nothing to write home about, don't expect high quality. Go with vegetable rolls and you won't be disappointed. We are very fussy about where we eat raw fish, so keep that in mind when ordering. I always think when in doubt avocado/cucumber is a safe bet.

As far as our main entree dishes, I was very happy with our order. The sesame tofu had a nice body of flavor and was mild enough for our girls to enjoy. There appeared to be lots of red pepper flakes, but turns out they weren't spicy. Plus, the portion that we received was really big, enough to feed J and I for lunch leftovers. Typically we are playing rock, paper, scissors for dibs on leftovers.

The Yaki Udon noodle dish we ordered did have chicken. There was a delightful smokey back note in the dish that I couldn't quite place. I enjoyed it . The vegetables in the dish were fresh and cooked just right. Once again, portions were great.

Another mention that always makes us happy, when an Asian restaurant offers brown rice.

Lastly, would I go back? Absolutely, we paid around $30 for what I considered to be a ton of food. I was happy with the quality and will probably stick to our original order, once I hone in on something I think a delivery place does well, I don't deviate much.

Our menu just happened to offer 10% off Grand Opening pick up or delivery special!

Here's what some Yelpers are saying about Ooka.

$15 minimum delivery
Mon-Sat 11-10
Sun 12-9:30
Disclosure, my Where Colorado Locals Go posts are places that we chose to patronize. I was not asked to write this post for trade or payment.


  1. thank you...I have passed that place and wondered:) now I know and will definately have to give it a try:)


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