Bento Inspired Lunch: Turkey, Bread, and Cheese Flowers For My Sweet...

My daughter asked me for flowers for lunch. She was surprised when I said, flowers for lunch no problem. I love my set of Japanese flower cutters. They work wonders on harder vegetables, but today I used them to deconstruct a turkey sandwich for her. I have to admit she's a picky eater and loves to graze on a meal. Having the turkey, cheese, and bread cut up for her to put together herself in little nibble sized sandwiches was a hit.

While I was at it, I cut up some flower shaped strawberries. I put the outside of the strawberries on the edge of the plate for no waste! I cut up some carrots to add as the flower stems.

Here you have it, flowers for lunch! No bento needed, we were home.

The cutters I use are featured in this post, they are stainless steel from Japan!