Hey ISP Here's How To LOSE A Loyal Customer!!!

Three years ago, I signed up with an Internet Service Provider that was not a local cable company or my telephone company. I'm not naming the company because honestly it's not relevant to my post, if you want to put two and two together, go for it. When I signed up for my internet service, I was promised a speed of connection and I paid more money for that speed. I consider it tiered service, if your connection is 1.5 you pay $19.95, 3.0 you pay $29.95, etc.

Maybe a year after I had been paying for a more expensive faster service, I came to learn that I actually couldn't achieve that speed at my location. I would do speed tests and screen grabs to prove I could not get the speed I was paying for. I felt miffed. First I would call India, then they would call the local guys to check on my location from the server/hub, it was an annoying vicious cycle.

Turns out my home is 15,400 feet away and the best service I could get was 1.5 or less. Gulp. The 15,400 feet was a number I was so familiar with I could throw it out in conversation, easily.

The internet company knew this all along.

They offered me a cheaper rate and I stayed on with their service. But then last month, I kept getting dropped or my service was just unavailable. Let me just say I was beyond frustrated. Long story short, my service was changed once again, from 3.0 to 1.5. Which to me, means HALF AS FAST speed. Would you agree, half of 3 is 1.5? Fine, I take whatever I can get. End the call with a "DSL connection department" tech.

Then my bill comes. My service went up $10. UP! Pay more for slower service, now that doesn't make sense.

So I call customer service. Tech support and customer service are all off shore for this company. I have never called the 1-800 number once and received a native English speaker on the other end, even during normal business hours. I understand the nature of business today and the need to have offshore support, but offshore 24x7 just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. A company that doesn't want to hire anyone in North America for support during business hours is LAME in my book. Just my opinion on the matter.

The woman, Jessica (cough, cough) in customer service starts telling me a load of crap when I question the increase in my monthly service charge. She proceeds to slip into conversation how I have 342 days left in my contract. I was like what contract? I've been a customer for 3 YEARS, did I sign up for 48 months service or what? Jessica answers my question, when I called tech support for bad connection problems, it renewed my contract for a year. LOL! How ridiculous is that, I've never heard of such a thing.

Then she puts me on hold, for like the 10th time, I'm about 36 minutes deep into banter with Jessica by now. Of course, she offers me a reduced price if I extend my service for one more year. Hahaha...I don't think Jessica knew who she was dealing with, quite honestly. EXTEND MY SERVICE!

I cancel.

She puts me on hold. I say no, cancel. She tries to barter and banter with me. I cancel. I say cancel NOW. Finally she agrees. I am reminded of 1994 when AOL would offer you a free month and then would fight and argue with you when you tried to cancel your service. Ick, ick, ick. I make Jessica promise me I will not be charged any more fees associated with my account, I paid until the end of the month, then we are done. She agrees, but really would you trust someone sitting with 100's of people in a room in a far off distant land? Do you think I could get Jessica back on the phone in a month if I am charged again! Highly unlikely.

Then I start doing some research online because quite frankly I know I can't be the only one feeling scammed by this ISP. Boy is my hunch right, they recently were sued for charging astronomical ECF (early cancellation fees) for people who were just moving addresses or were through with their service. After what I read, I started to feel nervous, like another charge would appear on my account and there would be nothing I could do about it.

I already paid $10 more for service this month, not to mention the overcharges for years of service I didn't receive. $10 that would not be credited, as Jessica told me, we don't do credits. What a joke. So, I became proactive. I tried to remove my credit card from my account, but it wouldn't let me. A credit card has to be saved under your account information. Instead I cancelled my credit card, in fear of a $90 ECF being charged to my account! So take that crappy ISP, you aren't getting another dime from me. I feel like I've already been ripped off for 3 years. Mwah...hahahahaha!

So there you have it, how to lose a loyal customer! I'm so glad I finally followed through with canceling my account. Maybe after hearing my story, you'll stop supporting a company that doesn't respect and deserve you as a loyal customer!


  1. I feel your pain! I think where we live we have two ISP options - bad and worse. I hope your new one treats you like a queen!

  2. Good for you, good luck with your next ISP


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