One Of My Favorite Life's Moments, Monet Style

Claude Monet, is known as father of French Impressionism. A Monet could be received many different ways, depending on the angle or distance from the actual canvas. While in the presence of a Monet painting it's best to step back, maybe even half way across the room to take in the feeling. As you walk closer and closer you see different details and the original image that was emblazoned in your mind, may actually be a grouping of broad brush strokes. The entire feeling of the painting does change if you are just a couple of feet away from it. That's the beauty of impressionism.

I've been in the presence of many Monet paintings, in various museums around the world. While in High School, a brilliant artist and teacher loaded us up into a touring bus and we headed off on a three hour ride to Boston. The Boston Museum of Fine Art was hosting a Monet in the 90's exhibit that was touring the world. It was the largest showing of his collection and namely series of paintings in one location. It was beautiful. I was young and indeed it made an impression.

Studying art in High School turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. I left school being able to name as many famous artists and art movements as a college student. It was during that same time that I absolutely fell for Sandro Botticelli, the Italian artist from the early Renaissance and well about 400 years before Monet's time. Botticelli is best known for The Birth of Venus, the painting of a woman of beauty, stock, and grace all tangled into one mesmerizing escape. I knew someday I would stand in the presence of the Birth of Venus.

That day arrived in July of 1998. My husband and I spent our honeymoon traveling by train through out Europe. During our trip we spent two weeks in Italy. I don't casually say two weeks in Italy, I longingly say two weeks in Italy. Two incredible, glorious, eye opening, falling in love with food, people, culture weeks in Italy. Of course while in Florence, we had to seek out Venus. The funny part about this moment, one of my favorite life's moments that was captured on film, is that the photo is blurry. See in 1998 we carried rolls of film around with us in Europe. Maybe 15 rolls of film total. Our photos were a mystery until we returned home and felt the excitement and anticipation of opening the envelope from the One Hour Photo developer. We didn't have the luxury of uploading our photos on our laptop that night or instantly tweeting them out on our iPhones. We waited over a month to see our images.

When I was looking through the roll from Florence, I couldn't wait to see my special moment. Definitely a top five favorite moment of my entire trip. This is what I saw. Today I kind of chuckle, knowing we could take 10 photos on the spot, look at them on our digital displays and fric and frac over which one is the perfect moment.

Even though this is blurry, I'd rather say it was inspired by Claude Monet.


  1. What a beautiful story. I too love Monet. I have a print of the Waterlilies hanging over my kitchen table. Monet, Van Gogh and Degas are my three favorite painters.

  2. neat!

    love monet, love italy... sounds wonderful.

    our honeymoon? 4 day cruise to mexico and i had the flu.


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