Our First Laptop Lunch, A Success!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a Laptop Lunch in the mail as a sample from the company. I've always believed in their products, but with our bento collection already established I had a hard time justifying purchasing another lunch box for my daughter.

I can not tell you how incredibly delighted I was to pack the Laptop Lunch. Typically when packing a bento in the morning, part of the art is getting everything to fit in perfectly. Which is a gentler way of saying, squeezing the food into the bento in a cute manner. But with the Laptop Lunch, everything fit wonderfully. I had lids for wet items and there was no squeezing or rearranging to get what I needed in the box.

Here it a series of photos from the first Laptop Lunch I packed, including a photo from the end of the day! It was a hit. Now I think we need a couple more because that's all my daughter requests in the morning, her Laptop Lunch!

Vintage Cheddar whole wheat quesadilla, cantaloupe, ranch, cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots. Inside pig, a few jelly beans.

With lids. Oh delightful!

Packed up and ready to go. My favorite part, a water bottle that fits inside the lunch box. My daughter never brings her water bottle to lunch with her because she forgets. Now it's right there! Oh it makes me so happy.

Can you say, all gone! Wow!

I have to admit my husband is jealous. I can tell he wants a delicious lunch like this packed for him every morning. I may just have to indulge him after I've experienced packing a Laptop Lunch first hand.