Vlog-My Food Revolution Test, Potato or Tomato?

Back in September, Jamie Oliver updated his twitter account with a photo of his "Food Revolution, Hungington" hat. It was over six months ago, I eagerly anticipated the project he gave us small glimpses and insight into. Now the Food Revolution has taken off, by the way have you signed THE PETITION (which Jamie is bringing to DC to help him gather funding for school food reform in the USA)? I couldn't be more delighted over his success in America, as I've been a fan of Jamie for over 12 years. What he is trying to accomplish is an enormous undertaking and if you watch the show you can see his passion comes from the heart.

I believe one of the greatest detriments to our society has become the mechanization of food production. Not for the farmers, but in terms of overly processed foods full of chemicals in the forms of additives and preservatives. I just read we consume 50% of our caloric intake as processed foods. It needs to stop. We need to view food as a living thing rather than something we need to store for weeks or months on end in our cabinets or refrigerator. Maybe we need to grocery shop more, but isn't your health worth more than the convenience of a freezer full of crap which does nothing to nourish our bodies?

I know in an attempt to be sensational, the editors of Food Revolution cut a piece of Jamie asking a group of 1st graders to identify fruits and vegetables. Gasps were heard around the country when the little boy in first grade called a tomato a potato. That moment encouraged the video you are about to see. My daughter is 6 years old and in first grade. I know she knows the difference between a potato and tomato, but how many fruits and vegetables could she identify?

Over the weekend, we headed to Whole Foods with my video camera in hand. It was the test! Watch below to see how she did.

I think she did awesome. I was surprised that she was hung up on a few things the first being kiwi and asparagus. We just ate both of these this past week in our home. She literally has held a kiwi in her hand and asked me to, "cut up the kiwi". So I don't know if she was nervous or in a group on display she was confused. It took her a bit to identify the asparagus as well, interesting. There were fruits and vegetables she passed. I admit there was no science to this, we just tried to have fun out of curiosity! Well done my girl! This experiment also instilled in me the importance of my girls always being by my side in the kitchen, taking part in the cooking. They usually like to join me to wash veges or chop things up, but now I know I want them there all the time.

Total fruits indentified=18
Total vegetables identified=21

Total identified=39

Total fruits stumped=4
Total vegetables stumped=7

Total stumped=11

Here are three of my previous posts mentioning Jamie Oliver, his Ted Wish, and my experience eating at 15 in London in January!

And one more thing... My shining moment on twitter happened on Friday!


  1. Great post, Denise, written so well. Love the video of you and the kids at the market. And love what Jamie Oliver is doing for mainstream America and food.

  2. Great exercise to go through with your daughter - I'm going to try that with mine this week...

    I love the whole food revolution going on, from Jamie Oliver to Alice Waters to having school kids grow their own gardens to harvest from at school.

    Regarding the show itself, it really sells its point well when they just let Jamie do his thing - showing him cooking and interacting with kids, etc. When they do the obviously staged stuff, I see Ryan Seacrest all over it. Still, though. The message is loud and clear, poor production values or not.

    (p.s. I ate at his "Italian" restaurant in Kingston, London this past summer - so good)

  3. She did such a great job! And now I'm hungry....

    Congrats on Jamie following you!

  4. wow -- ginger, beets, squash, coconut, I am impresssed!

  5. excellent job. I am sure that is better than some adults would do.

  6. Way to go Sj! I loved hearing her :) Wow, Jamie following you. Pretty, pretty cool. Let me know if he sends you any personal messages. I heard about him being in DC a few weeks ago eating at one of the restaurants. - MH

  7. Hi Denise,

    Congrats on getting Jamie Oliver following your tweets!!!



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