Are Pickles A Food Group?

This photos makes me laugh, just a tiny bit. I immediately look at the pickles in the picture, thinking they are just as prominent as the strawberries. For the record it was only half a pickle chopped up and it was a Bubbies Pickle. The ingredients on the pickle jar are as follows, cucumbers, artisan well water, garlic, salt, dill, and spices. No food coloring, no chemicals, just pure old fashioned pickles that are delicious. What is a ham and cheese sandwich with out a pickle on the side? The ingredients are so great in this jar of pickles we could even just call it a happy cucumber.

Today my daughter was lucky enough to have a homemade mini blueberry muffin in her snack (pink bento on the right). I placed a cutie in with it to balance out the snack offering, honestly whenever I can throw in fruit or vegetables I do. The puffs are from Whole Foods, 365 Brand.

Another day, another bento happily eaten.

Disclosure, all products mentioned in this post were purchased by my family, they are not paid endorsement or free samples.