Excerpt From A Poetry Anthology- My Dog

My daughter had the privilege of working with a poet in her first grade class over the last six weeks during writing block. They had poetry readings and wrote their own poems. A poetry anthology was published containing poetry by all the students that participated in the outreach program.

Today we attended the poetry reading in her class. I couldn't think of a more beautiful moment, watching my six year old read aloud her poem to an audience. I was a bit saddened that her poem was so beautiful about our dog (that we had to give up). At least it's a reminder of the beauty she saw in him. We have the original draft and revisions, to see the process of a six year old's mind is just incredible. Enjoy.

My Dog

My dog is as black as a dark storm-

cloud in a rainstorm and my dog

has a blue collar. My dog

was born on October 8. He came

from the Humane Society, and his

eyes are as green as the grass in the summer.

I like him more than the snow

that falls on the ground.

I think he is smarter than

ordinary pets. I love him more

than the water I feed him.

He is more intelligent than a cute cat

that does not know how to see

right. His nose is as red as

a cherry. His tail whips

the wall at 3 in the morning.

He eats faster than a bulldozer

picking up food.

by Sj


  1. She's so creative, can't wait to hear more of her work.

  2. My son just had a poetry reading in his 2nd grade class last week. It's so amazing to hear their poetry, and good for them to be able to express themselves without worrying about punctuation and grammar rules.

    Love your daughter's poem. Beautiful stuff!!

  3. Are you sure she's only 6? She definitely has her mama's gift with writing!

  4. Pure beauty, love and creativity.

    We should all aspire to write like her!

  5. She is so talented!! Did you frame it? It's so neat to see them develop their individual loves and hobbies, isn't it? - Melissa

  6. Sweetheart. I love it, may she write many more. Reminded me of something, my Dad had a poem that I wrote in elementary school done in calligraphy and framed and hung it in his office. I was so proud of that dang thing. I swear I was 20 before I stopped glowing every time I saw it (and realized I was no Robert Frost ;-)

  7. What a great poem! I was never good at poems...they confused me.


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