Leftover Pizza, Oh The Delights Of Lunch!

Mondays are the one day a week I let my daughter purchase lunch at school. Mondays are typically pizza day at school! Seeing as this is the last week of school, the calendar just says "chef's choice". Those terms to me basically says, lets use whatever we have left in the refrigerator to feed the kids all week. Now I could be wrong, but I could also be right. So she passed on buying lunch at school today. We just happened to have a few slices of leftover pizza in our refrigerator from dinner last night, so I packed my daughter's first pizza bento.

Grapes and carrot flowers on the side. Voile, Pizza Monday it is!


  1. We do pizza a lot too, it's a good change from sandwiches or the limited choice of foods my son will eat! We also make mini calzones, less messy in the box and easy to hold, plus you can add a little extra veg here and there.


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