Panda Bento Featuring An Occasional Special Treat

Panda is one of my favorite bentos. I just love the size of it and how cute it stacks up, with the eyebrows being on the band that holds it together. Panda came from the Peppercorn in Boulder. That link is from the fall, but I was just in there this weekend and they still have a great variety of bento boxes (best in the Boulder area, I have to admit).

Today's bento features the classic almond butter and strawberry all fruit spread, cut into the shape of a bunny rabbit (cookie cutters work great). We buy our almond butter in a large jar from Costco at a great savings from the regular market. One ingredient in our almond butter- DRY ROASTED ALMONDS. That's it. No oil, no palm oil, no salt, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. Just what you'd expect, almonds. As a special treat I packed a small bag of Annie's fruit snacks. We had some left over from a skiing trip and I included them in Sj's lunch as a surprise. In our home something like an organic fruit snack is a special, once in a while treat. I also placed some fresh blackberries and 365 Brand cheddar crackers in the panda.

Behind you will see a sliced apple, that was her morning snack at school. I always just toss in a few drops of lemon juice to help keep the apple from turning brown before it gets eaten.

Panda came home empty!
Disclosure, all items mentioned in this post were purchased by our family. They are not paid endorsements or free samples.


  1. My friend does cinnamon apples, like you a little lemon juice then a sprinkle of cinnamon, they are a different alternative.

  2. Oh my goodness, that Panda bento is so cute! I love it! - Melissa


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