Tuesday Tips: Are Your Favorite Vege Burgers Full Of Poisonous Chemicals?

Sometimes I think I'm doing the right thing by purchasing brands I've come to trust. Those brands are typically found at "natural foods" stores and when I read the label, all the ingredients are recognizable. Quite honestly that's pretty much my top criteria for processed foods, if I can recognize ALL the ingredients in simple English, I'll buy it. Obviously it can't contain MSG, artificial colorings, flavorings, or high fructose corn syrup, but where I shop those items are rarely found in products. While we are not vegetarians in our household, my husband and I were vegetarians for over a decade. We enjoy eating meatless dinners about three times a week.

Just last month a friend posted a link to this article, Popular Veggie Burgers Contain Poisonous Chemicals. I clicked through thinking it was going to be a joke, as my friend is a huge meat consumer. But unfortunately it wasn't a joke. The article links to a 37 page report describing the use of "hexane" in the natural soy industry. Hexane is a chemical used to separate the oil from the protein in things like soy beans. Hexane is a known neuro toxin to the body.

Ouch, another strike against SOY.

Let's just be honest, over processed vegetarian products simulating meat are NOT healthier for you. You're better off seeking out local meat products, raised properly in a pasture that hopefully wasn't fed a bunch of soy and corn feed.

We do enjoy soy in our home, a couple times a month. We always buy ORGANIC tofu or soy products. Luckily organic soy products can not be treated with hexane, nor can they contain GMO's (genetically modified organism). I believe over 90% of soy that is grown in the United States is grown with Gentically Modified seeds. There are companies (watch Food Inc) that have dominated the sale of soy seeds and growing of soy crops in the United States for quite sometime because they own the patent on the GMO soy. Avoid GMO soy at all costs.

Click through to the original article to find out which brands of veggie burgers to avoid. Better yet, experiment in the kitchen and make some of your own veggie burgers. Creating fresh food items that we would normally fall back on of the frozen variety, is going to increase your intake of nutrient rich foods. Make a double batch of a recipe you enjoy and freeze the rest. Voile, a frozen go to veggie burger will be ready in that spur of the moment.

Recipe I am going to try:


  1. Man! Just when you think you can trust a product to be safe. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. We just watched Food Inc. It just confirms my beliefs on food intake even more. We feel so lucky to be taking advantage of the farms in our area. Steve asked "when are we going to Polyface?" So, that is on our list of things to see/do.

    I really don't buy any prepared food anymore unless I recognize ALL ingredients. Yes, totally, utterly believe in making your own when you can. Have the kids help too. It's important for them to understand what's in their food too.
    -Melissa :)

  3. yikes,thought I could at least trust Amys and Trader Joes- I never really liked the soy protein taste anyway and avoided it-I love Sunshine Burgers and don't believe they have soy in them,very expensive though-I make my own with mashed canned organic chick peas and whatever veggies I have and add some wheat germ and sometimes an egg and seasoning- they come out great..thanks for that though-its disappointing to see that even in the health food store you have to be so careful.You have me wondering now about the Tamari I get.. gd

  4. wow - thanks for posting that. I was surprised to see Trader Joe's on the list.
    I'll only buy the organic soy burgers from now on.

  5. Yes, it seems that the best way to have healthy food is to make it yourself out of healthy ingredients. I must admit that we have eaten our share of soy burgers, but have recently discovered that soy gives all of us gas! One thing that I have learned as I have gotten older is to stop worrying so much about what dangers there are out there, because my mother is now 98 and living in a nursing home. She has lived a long and healthy life, but now is tired and ready to go, but that staunch body just won't give up. Maybe all of our searching for the healthy lifestyles is dooming us to living too long! My mom would agree...


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