Tuesday Tips: Tricks For Keeping Valuables Safe In Public

Now this trick was born out of pure randomness. Last week when I took my daughter swimming I was gathering up my belongings to hit the Rec Center. I packed up all of our stuff in my favorite, .60 cent IKEA reusable bag, which holds everything I need. As I took a look at my purse, I decided I didn't want to drag it along. I do lock up my stuff, but did I really need to drag my purse and wallet with me?

It was a pretty easy decision, I'll just leave my wallet and purse safely at home (cars have been known to have been broken into at the Rec Ctr). I just needed my iPhone, my identification, and some cash I had. I guess the easy go to would've been a ziploc bag if I thought of it. I glanced down at our entry way bookshelf and saw an old on the go wipes container.

Hmm, I thought to myself.

I opened it up, placed my iPhone, money, and identification in it and off we went. Beauty of storing those valuables in a wipes case, they would be overlooked by someone taking advantage of a moment when my back was turned. Even when we hit up the play area following the swimming pool, I wasn't worried about my stuff because it was all safely concealed by my lovely Huggies container.

You're welcome.


  1. Wonderful tip!! I shall also hid my valuables in it at home too!

  2. You're pretty smart. Teach me more!


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