Carrying the weight of transition on a little faith and a dream...

I'm feeling the weight of the transition that is looming on my shoulders. Each step forward feels like a leap to me. Selling our home and moving on is exciting and scary rolled into one big ride. Even though my memories won't fade into the abyss when I leave our home, I know a part of me clings onto the notion that being here makes them more real.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how the move is going to affect my life beyond location. I wonder if it's the opportunity to let those that fail to be present in my life, just slip away. Does the location of my home correlate to the presence in someone's life? Currently proximity has no affect on how busy everyone seems to be, ah summertime. Or does a few extra miles mean just that, ten more minutes in the car, meet ups in a central spot, rather than around the corner? As the saying goes, time will tell.

The house hunting, has been interesting. We've been inside over a dozen homes in the part of town we are most interested in. We are moving ten miles away, but the real estate markets are dramatically different. The area we are going to has a very solid real estate market and even though we are doubling our home value, it feels as if we are starting over. The homes we are looking at for the most part are fixer uppers. They are all "quirky" properties, with things like a toilet in the closet open to the bedroom or sit adjacent to a busy street. The term non-conforming has become our real estate mantra. Non conforming bedrooms, non conforming addition. Breathe in open mind, breathe out non conforming. It's just one more step closer to our dream home, if we play our cards right this home may one day be transformed into our dream home. That notion alone is enticing. Walking my girls to school, is very enticing. Grocery shopping in the town I live in sounds awesome. Hitting a hiking trail in about five minutes that nestles mountains which nurture my soul is a dream come true. Having my husband pop in for lunch or spend less than 15 minutes on his commute via bicycle rather than at least 30 minutes in the car is fantabulous!

My faith and positive attitude is that it is time to move on. In my heart, I am ready for a change. I truly believe the stars will align and our house will sell, we'll find a new home that fits our needs even if it may be a work in progress. When I look out towards the mountains, I see my future waiting.


  1. Good for you - I can't wait to hear all about your quirky new home, once you find it!


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