I'm Stepping Back From Facebook

I adore the connections I've made and rekindled via Facebook. I love being able to hop on the computer and see what my friends are up to. The photos are great, glimpses into fun summertime trips, watching babies or puppies grow up, and just everyday moments. But lately Facebook has been bothering me, sort of rubbing me the wrong way. I almost feel like Facebook has become a replacement for a phone call or a letter that once arrived in my mailbox every few weeks. A couple of times in conversation lately I received the fast jump to conclusion, "didn't you see my facebook update". Most of the time I missed it. Then I start feeling like shit because I didn't realize that I missed something big in a friend's life because I missed a status update. Baby on the way, engagement, a surprise litter of kittens, a new home improvement, those things once meant reaching out in a more personal way than a blast to 500 of your closest friends.


I'm not giving up Facebook, I will reiterate it's a good thing, it's always felt that way to me. I'm just stepping back, focusing on reconnecting the way I once did for play dates, a night out, maybe a hike/walk, or a phone call to a friend that lives out of town. I'm even going to work towards my goal of mailing two letters a week, to be different and to let those in my life know I'm thinking about them.

Connecting is always good, but be forewarned I may be missing a status update. I promise, I'm always just a phone call away.


  1. I kept your blog page open on my laptop last night so I could check in this morning and possibly follow (didn't want to not read anything first!) and then refreshed today and here was this post. It's so well written. I'm not on FB, I am on Twitter and I use that to connect with friends - mostly bloggy friends I don't see IRL, and I can definitely see how it's a turn away from face to face or phone communicating. I've certainly had people say to me, didn't you see on FB? And I reply, I'm not ON FB! How should I know you're pregnant? You're moving? You lost your job? Etc! Good for you for taking a little break!

  2. Hmmm maybe I'm totally off base here but it seems whoever has made you feel like crap because of missing a facebook update are the ones with the problem. Social etiquette? Severely lacking here. I mean really - so what if you missed updates - I can't believe that would upset people! Geez! But I totally understand what you're saying and think it's fine to step back. Me? Not a chance - I love it and use it all the time. I know you're doing that daily mile thing, and another friend o mine is too, but I have yet another girlfriend with whom I post my workout updates on facebook. We live far away from each other - so we hold each other accountable that way. Plus, I can only keep track of so many sites - facebook and my blog are it. That's why I can't twitter either! Anyway, super long comment just to say I get it, you're cool, your friends who give you a hard time are not!

  3. I wish I could get all of my contacts to do one or the other. I feel like half my friends are on twitter, the other half on FB and somewhere in the middle these people also read my blog.

    I tend to enjoy twitter more than FB and rarely go there anymore....

  4. I understand what you are saying. I miss phone calls from friends. I am also trying to connect more with my friends in person rather than waste my time on fb. It is nice to keep in touch with people in faraway places though as well as family. Melissa


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