It's Been A Whole Week!

I blog when I have something to say, I blog when the timing is right, I blog when I desperately need to get something out, I blog because I want to. The last two weeks have been busy and lazy all wrapped into one fun start of summer. My parents were here from New York, so we enjoyed our visit to the fullest. To top it off, J and I were able to have some quality time to go out.

So what have I been doing? This is in no particular order...

  • Eating my mother's homemade meatballs (grass fed beef, yum) and organic sauce.
  • I didn't do a dish for two weeks, we cooked, nana had dish duty!
  • J and I went to see the Crash Kings, then went to a bar with the band/crew after the show(they are super great guys). We got home at 2am. Hello, who am I?
  • I ran, walked, cycled, or hiked 40 miles during the last 2 weeks. Tracked via DailyMile, are we friends there (search EatPlayLove)? Join me, let's support each other!
  • With help from J and my father, we painted the soffit, gutters, trim on the lower level of our home. My pop painted our front door, it's now green (it's been white for 7 years)!
  • I saw SATC2 and had drinks with girlfriends.
  • I visited the Peds office twice.
  • We played lots of scrabble after the girls were in bed, fun times.
  • We spent a day at Tiny Town, had a picnic and rode the steam train.
  • The sandbox was cleaned out and I loaded 400lbs of play sand into the truck by myself.
  • I spent hours on the roof one day, scraping and painting one side of the upper level of trim.
  • J and I went to a bbq sans kids. I enjoyed myself and didn't spend one moment obsessing as to what the girls were up to.
  • We looked at some houses in Boulder.
  • We had a mortgage meeting and now have a $$$ amount as to what we can qualify for.
  • I said goodbye to a MOMs club friend who is off to call New Jersey home.
  • We purchased a hamster (Fluff) and a betta fish (Tasha).
  • It was in the 90's for days and is now in the 50's. Oh fickle Colorado.
  • I was caught in a hailstorm while driving that was fierce and intense, I watched a jackass hydroplane and wind up in oncoming traffic.
  • We relaxed and laughed a lot.
  • J and I had a wonderful anniversary thanks to my parents spending the day with the girls.
  • I watched my mom tirelessly push GL on the swing for hours, day in and day out.
  • Sj had her year end ballet gala, we dined at Ted's Montana Grill after. She's growing up so fast, she did a beautiful job, made my eyes well up. Those moments are so special, I feel so lucky my parents could be here to see her perform.
  • I hosted an old dear friend from NY that now lives in CO and her children for a bbq.
  • My mother and I went shopping casually with out the girls.
  • We ate cupcakes.
  • I celebrated a friend's 50th birthday.
  • I visited the Savory Spice Shop twice in a week (gosh that place is delightful).
I could go on, but I have to add, we had a great couple of weeks. Tomorrow I am solo with the girls. So from here on out, the real summer begins. I've been visiting craft blogs tonight for inspiration. Time to sign the girls up for camps!


  1. Sounds FANTASTIC! Isn't it nice to have the parents around? My whole family is coming out for the 4th and then my parents stay for 2 weeks. I'm actually looking forward to it because they are a BIG help. Great job on the exercise too! Exercise always makes everything better and more clear. - Melissa :)

  2. It sounds like you had so much fun!! I'm so glad that your family was able to visit and give you and your hubby some quality time together.

  3. Denise you really got a lot squeezed into two weeks! great family time!

    Having a giveway on my site!! Come see!

    Art by Karena


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