My Twelfth Anniversary, A Day in Photos...

The meadow where we said, "I Do!" 12 years ago. Along with a 3 mile hike.
Breakfast at one of our old favorites, Lucile's post-hike.
Oooh, spiced tea.
Creole Breakfast. Grits, red beans, 2 poached eggs, and a biscuit of course.
Dinner, onto Izakaya Den in Denver. First round of wonderful sake.
Dumplings with two sauces, yes those are jalapenos.
Calamari Salad, wonderful flavors!
Spicy Tuna on crispy rice, my favorite dish of the night.
Unagi (for me) forgot J's sashimi photo, oops.
Firecracker roll and the vegetable tempura roll!
Onto dessert at Rioja. Lemon tart and a glass of prosecco.
S'mores Pot de creme. Freshly made graham crackers, yum.
The remnants of the chalk art festival. The streets were clear, but the art was still going strong. Loved the Dali piece, the mirror in the center shrunk the art on the ground, awesome!


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day for you both, congrats.

  2. Looks like a fantastic day! Congratulations on #12

  3. Oh, I adore Lucile's. Those beignets...yummm.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a fabulous day.

  5. Great photos! Happy anniversary! - Melissa

  6. I do love those anniversaries that include lots of photo-worthy food! Hope you two had a great day!

    (Also...that Smores dessert looks to die for...)

  7. What a great day!! You celebrated well. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary. You two obviously know how to do it right!


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