The Round Box Is Full Of Treasures...

Pushed in the corner of the top shelf in my bedroom closet is a hat box. My hats are strewn through out my house, so you won't actually find any hats in the hat box. Funny how that works, isn't it? A couple times a year I pull down the round blue box and take myself on a journey back in time.

I'm afforded the luxury of time travel via my hat box because it has become comfortably stuffed with letters and cards, saved over the last decade. Beautiful hand written treasures.

Occasionally I sort through the box to make room for new cards, but letting go of glimpses into the past is hard for me. I recently had a wonderful light bulb moment when I discovered I could just toss envelopes and it made way for plenty of room in my treasure box. But to be honest, the letters and cards don't come in the frequency they once did. Hand written letters arriving in my mailbox are close to non-existent. The Facebook private message, emails, or quick notes on my wall have killed most hope of a hand written letter from a friend that lives thousands of miles away. I do love the ability to communicate almost instantly, but I definitely adore the charm and romance of a hand written letter. Plus those letters, store so beautifully in my hat box.

Of course at the top of my favorites list from the hat box are letters from J from various stages of our relationship. We've been together a long time and my heart swells with joy when I read his words to me. I wish I could convince him to send me a letter every now and again. A love letter can be so simple, but yet very powerful and endearing. My mother probably takes the top prize for keeping Hallmark in business. All the big occasions, she sends a card, always with a special hand written note. Then I have handwritten letters from friends and many thank you cards. Speaking of thank you cards they are a dying breed as well, the last few weddings I have attended, I never received a thank you card from the bride and groom. Really what does that say about us today? Lets spend oodles of hours planning every last detail of the big day, but there's no time to recognize the people that came to celebrate the momentous occasion. Maybe our gifts weren't thank you card worthy. I just find it odd. Then again, I adore writing thank you cards (I even received one from a friend last month, it's safe in my hat box). I've tried to pass along the importance of gratitude with card writing to my girls. They send their grandparents cards and we always send a photo thank you card after birthday parties. Now that Sj is old enough to write letters, she will begin the thank you card, post-birthday party tradition. To me, it's the little things that can go a long way to brighten someone's day.

Maybe I shall take the initiative and send out some letters to my friends. I could only hope it would inspire a letter or two in return. Do you still write letters or save letters, I'm curious?


  1. A few months ago...I started a list of people I wanted to send cards (with a note) to, and I was going to send two a week. I did really good for a couple weeks and then I got busy...

    I need to start it back up again.

    I have the card you sent me displayed on my desk...because it meant so much to me.

  2. I do - I love sending and receiving them too!

  3. My letters are in a hat box too!

    I miss letter writing. Thanks for the reminder.


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