Tuesday Tips: Girls Night, Games, Dinner, and a Movie.The Netflix and Wii Partnership!

Last month, I hosted some friends for a little gathering as part of my involvement as a Nintendo Ambassador. Let me be the first to say, I was over the moon about the new partnership between Netflix and Wii a few weeks prior to my party. Why was I so excited? In our home, we don't have fancy cable. We've never owned a DVR box. As of April, our basic cable was seriously downgraded, we currently have about 15 channels and most of them are the cbs/nbc/abc in regular or high definition, so technically we have about 6 channels. But I am okay with it because television is a major distraction for me and there is a laundry list of things I could be doing with my time instead of watching television. So less channels, less distractions.

With our decreased cable options, J and I would find ourselves running out to the .99 cent rental box at the grocery store or to a dvd rental chain. The second option became very pricey, every time we walked in the door we seemed to drop $12 bucks and that doesn't even count late fees. We always have late fees. We even had late fees at the rental box, so a .99 cent nightly rental was always $2 or $3 bucks. The other part of our problem was selection, we like a wide variety of films, not just the latest Hollywood blockbuster. We decided to give Netflix a try again. We were members for years, but gave it up after having the girls. Movie watching at night just didn't happen, instead I would fall asleep in about 10 minutes after popping the movie in. Now, we are in a different place and I actually stay up most nights past 9pm.

Then I learned about Netflix instant streaming via the Wii.

Aaah! Oh to my delight, Netflix streaming. It was so technically advanced for us, the consumers of very basic cable and a vcr in our bedroom tv to record shows I would miss. Don't laugh at me, I did use the timer, that's technically advanced, right? When you're a member of Netflix you can choose a variety of membership levels. Any level above the most basic allows you unlimited streaming via your instant queue and two or three dvds via mail at at time!

Here's the deal, the Netflix and Wii communicate via a wireless internet connection. Simply set up a instant streaming queue and then that list becomes available to you when you put the Netflix disc in the Wii. Now can I share a little secret, I love this feature because I no longer feel the pressure to get 20 dvds a month in the mail to make sure I am maximizing my membership. Yes, I am that person.

Bonus features I've come to love streaming the Netflix on my Wii:
  • NO commercials for our impressionable daughters to watch.
  • TOTAL control over what my daughters watch, I put movies/shows in the instant queue.
  • The British television series, SKINS. (Hello can't wait for season 3!!!)
  • Pause shows or movies and pick up where you left off with the click of a button!
  • Variety, not in the mood for the action adventure movie that came in the mail, watch a sappy romantic comedy instead, in an instant.
  • Cost, no more late fees, set fee every month, we pay $12.99 for 2 dvds by mail at a time and unlimited streaming.
  • Premium cable shows available to stream, so I don't feel left out of conversation at playgroup anymore!
  • I'm not mindless surfing the television, I watch what I intentionally wanted to see because I put it in my queue.
  • Lots of alternative movies and PBS documentaries. Yes, I'm geeky like that.

Back to girls night! I ordered in some pizzas, Italian sodas, and salad. My girlfriends came by with their significant others and their children. We laughed, played games on the Wii, and I showed them all the latest tips and tricks about how to set up an instant queue and even download games to play instantly on the Wii. The games are via the internet connection and are available on the WiiWare shopping channel. As you can see from the very top photo, I had to make my girlfriends play a little Super Mario Brothers with me. I promised them I would keep our serious gaming faces off of my blog, but boy did the room heat up with competition.

Then, the husbands and kids disappeared and the girls settled in to watch some movies. I of course, had to share with them Skins. I have absolutely fallen for this British series. I am probably too old to be enjoying Skins as much as I do, but oh well I really like it.

The next day I received phone calls from all of my friends sharing with me what a great time they had. I had a fabulous time too. Often we have girls night out on the town, drinks and dinner, and a movie, we drop a bunch of money and call it a night. It was nice to have a friends over and still capture that experience of dinner and a movie, but in the comfort of home.

Disclosure, As a part of my ongoing involvement with the Nintendo Ambassador campaign I received a free 3 month subscription to Netflix (I was already a paying member), food to host the party, a points card to hand out to friends who attended the party so they could download Wii games, popcorn to make movie watching complete, and a FLIP HD camera to shoot some of the live action.


  1. That sounds like so much fun!

    I've been thinking about a girls night in....

  2. We've had Netflix since 2003, and I love it. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Netflix Instant on our Xbox, too! I really like the selection they offer. After dropping HBO after Six Feet Under, Sopranos and SATC ended, I was thrilled to see they offer some of those series on there!

  3. My goodness, the amount of respect that would be bestowed on me if I was a Nintendo Ambassador! My husband would worship me! Haha... ;)


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