A Glimpse Into House Hunting... The Memorable Tubs Edition...

I've joked before that we fit into the odd property category where we are looking to buy our next home. There's always something interesting about every house we view. Today, I was surprised that our usual interesting wasn't a bad thing. There was actually a lot of potential, which thrilled me to no end.

I decided to take some photos, so I could share the experience. I call this edition the memorable tubs one, for so many reasons.

Japanese soaking tub with shower attached? I think my 5'11" self would actually FIT in that tub, imagine that!
The fully carpeted master suite. Sweet. I'm going to miss my travertine! Brass accents were not just saved for the bathroom they were through out the home. I'm a brushed nickel kind of girl if you couldn't tell.

Now this one, was a big surprise. Enter the "master suite" to find a hot tub right at our feet! Woah... hot tub time machine, party time?! Oh the interesting things people do with an added on room.

Now, this isn't a tub, but a view. We looked at a couple of mountain homes as well. Maybe a perfect deck for the hot tub above? Combining houses now.

This would be my realtor's car that was hit, by the woman who just got stoned in her mountain house as we arrived. Or maybe it was the lingering smell of sage...


  1. Oh my goodness! Keep 'em coming. This should get very interesting.

  2. I like that tub!! The hot tub might be better places next to that toilet in the closet!!!! KS

  3. I still can't believe that people would have a hot tub IN their bedroom.

  4. OMG! She got stoned and then hit your realtor's car on the way out? LOL! Priceless. Your poor realtor!
    And carpet in a bathroom is a sin. Just sayin'. ;)

  5. love the hot tub but hubby sleep walking prob not a good idea...gl with your search-find a good one!

  6. OH MY! That hot tub/bed combo sounds like something from the valley in Cali. Hahaha! Good luck...would love to catch up soon and see how the house hunting is going. I feel your pain, but you will find something. - Melissa

  7. The people who re-did our house 15 years ago built a shower with multiple showerheads. Only one of them still works. People do odd things with bathrooms, don't they?


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