I'm Here, I'm There, and I'm No Where

Life is going a little something like this....

  • Conversation with my dad about him coming to help finish up the last few house projects before it's market ready.
  • Search for tickets.
  • Call him back and ask if he's available to fly the next day at 6am.
  • He said yes.
  • Move ALL of my daughters' toys into the office/playroom to see them in one space. Holy moly.

  • Pick up my dad from the airport before noon!
  • Wow, that was kind of crazy and whirlwind all wrapped into one.
  • Avoid toys.

  • Overhaul dining room paint, trim.
  • Visit our local beach with friends! Yes, I said beach in Colorado. It's man made, but we don't care.
  • Tape the President on the View to watch after bedtime, on a VHS tape. Yes, I said tape and VHS.
  • Come home and agree, ooh that paint job is pretty. (pictures when furniture is all put back).
  • Think about the memories in our house and how I am truly ready for this space to belong to someone else.
  • Dwell on all the toys stuffed in baskets, bins, and bags sitting right behind me as I casually type like the room is empty.

Imagine the possibilities (which may be my favorite part of the evening)...


  1. Good Luck with everything on the house, I can't wait to hear about the new adventures in your new place!

  2. I just packed several boxes of toys and I'm liking the pared down look. Wish I knew where I'm going to put all of this stuff in our apartment...

    Is your Dad still there?

  3. The thing is people who view your house will see you have kids, they'll expect there to be toys, they will also be presently surprised that you have them all stored away neat and tidy and that's a good reflection on how you keep other things in the house, which encourages someone to buy it.

    If i was looking at houses with kids living in them and saw no toys i'd be more suspicious than if they were all stored away. Good luck and again sorry we missed the beach.

  4. It's so strange to look at your home and imagine other people living in it. I think about the last place we lived (four years ago) and still feel like I could walk right in.


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