Summer of 2010, Labor of Love...

Swoosh, just like that almost a week has passed. Life has turned into a very delicate balance these days. I am trying to maintain a lighthearted happy go lucky demeanor, while my mind is an eternal reel of to do lists. Preparing the house for sale is not exactly at the top of my daughters' list of fun things to do over summer break. So instead we compromise, while J and I spend the morning weeding out closets, the girls know the afternoon will be full of adventure. While we tend to the yard, mow the grass, caulk cracks in the concrete, bag yard debris the girls sing and play on their swings and in the sand box. Work hard during the day and have a Bahn Mi sandwich served up to you by Hosea, a Top Chef winner by night (oh yeah, that's awesome)!

When the thoughts of what I need to get done overwhelms me, I start to dream a little bit. Maybe about staying at the Broadmoor for a couple of nights or heck I'd take the Omni Interlocken just a few miles from my house. I wish I had a regular babysitter to come entertain the girls while I painted trim, Mary Poppins I am ready for you. Quite often, I imagine just sitting by a pool, seeing the girls splash and play in the water while I drink an ice cold tea. While I'm off in la-la land I pretend like my parents live just ten minutes away and they would have the girls for the evening while J and I got work done here.

But the reality is we have to make do with what we have, which includes relying on ourselves to get it done (sometimes that reality is depressing). I will shamefully admit, some days have more television than I normally allow. A bit more, "later girls". More scrapes and cuts to get a job done I wish I could pay someone to do. No trips to the beach, a mountain cabin, or a Colorado resort hotel.

Summer 2010 will always be a memorable one. The summer where we worked hard to grab a piece of what we've been dreaming about for so many years. A home back in the city that lured us to Colorado 17 years ago. Best of all, the accomplishment of knowing we did it with our will and drive.

The beaches, the fruity drinks, Mary Poppins, they'll come some day right? Please say yes...


  1. sending you big hugs and lots of love...everyone needs a little more of that daily.

    Mary Poppins can from friends can't!

  2. You need a sister mine. I'm gonna miss her.

    I just heard about LIttle Man Ice Cream. Tell me more.

  3. Thinking of you...and hoping you grab and hold tight.

  4. Trying to get a house ready for sale AND entertaining kids is no small feat. Good luck!


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