Back To School Has Arrived... First Day Bento!

We're back and the first question on my mind is, where did the summer go? Of course first day jitters helped us rise very early, so I had plenty of time to pack Sj's bento this morning. To top off the fun, my battery was dead in my camera, so I had to hunt down an alternative. Lucky for us, we love cameras!

The first day bento was captured!

I think one of the best ways to be prepared to pack lunch in the morning with everything else that arises is to prepare some foods the night before. Today's bento has whole wheat pasta shells and edamame both cooked for dinner last night (aka leftovers)! I added some cheese and crackers, watermelon cut into flowers, a couple of Pocky for dessert and voile, lunch was done!

Just a touch of balsamic vinaigrette helps moisten the pasta, so it still tastes great by lunchtime. The cheese is mozzarella today, we were out of our go to Cabot's vintage sharp cheddar. I buy a 2lb block of mozzarella at Costco to always have on hand for pizza Friday, so this morning it saved me! Underneath the Pocky on the right side is a piece of wax paper with a hand wipe in it. Sj is pretty good about washing her hands before lunch, but this is just an added reminder!

Bento tips:
Sometimes the art of making a cute bento is to just take a moment to slow down. I know typically we are in a rush and just want to get lunch done, everything thrown in, zipped up, and they are off! This morning, I took just an extra moment to place the edamame in the same direction, so gently place the watermelon flowers in, stack the crackers and it just makes a nice touch.

Disclaimer, we did not receive any compensation or samples for any of the food products mentioned in this post. Just sharing what we like.


  1. That looks great! And now I'm hungry...hope Sj enjoyed her lunch and is having a great day at school.


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