Back To School Shopping, Happily Handing Control Over To Dad!

Now that the For Sale sign is up, we find ourselves in a new situation. Every weekend all summer we worked hard preparing our home for the market. Little do it yourself projects, some hired hands, and lots of sweat. Oh and as I ponder the start of school this week, not one night away this summer. I've joked before, but Summer 2010 is going to go down as the summer of labor.

This weekend, we actually had to be out of our house for showings. It's the polar opposite of what our lives have been like for months. We should've taken the opportunity to spend the night in the mountains, but we didn't. What's even more strange is when we are home, our house is neat, clean, and all picked up. Now sure, I could further organize some closets, but I look around and just feel wowed by my own house!

Sunday J and I decided to take a little time for ourselves. He predictably went for a bicycle ride and I chose to see Eat Pray Love. The one thing that stressed me out this weekend was back to school shopping. I was seeing a matinee and concerned with how much time I'd have to get to the mall with my very opinionated almost 7 year old.

On a whim, I asked J if he'd take the girls BTS shopping. He agreed. Cue angel music. I've been dragging my feet with the shopping this year (school supplies are done), which is rather odd for me. So off I went to the movies and off my husband went to the mall. Of course I was a bit hesitant, but sometimes handing over control is just a dose of the medicine I need.

When I arrived home, the girls presented me with their new outfits. Kudos to J, who did a fabulous job. There may have been only one or two things I would've convinced Sj to pass on, so I consider that a smashing success! A new BTS shopping tradition with dad may have just been born.


  1. So awesome! I'm seeing that movie tomorrow night and can not wait!

  2. I'm so impressed that he did this and did it well!

    Great job J!

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  4. Way to go J!!! What a great dad/hubby he is. Much, much luck to you guys on selling. I'm looking forward to seeing where your new digs will be. - Melissa

  5. So happy it turned out. Kind of afraid what my husband would come home with if I left it up to him. But maybe I need to let freedom reign? :)


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