Bunny Don't Eat The Garden Bento...

Part of the driving force that lured me into bento making was the waste free aspect. When creating a bento, food is used to create divisions within the bento so there is no need for plastic baggies or aluminum foil. Today I used lettuce and silicon baking cups to help divide up the playful bunny bento.

Snap peas held in a leaf of lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, peach, and an Italian cookie. We had strawberries and peaches with our pancakes for breakfast, so I simply held a few aside for the bento as well. Those little things like using leftovers or foods prepared during breakfast create a big shortcut when packing up a bento.

My daughter's favorite animal is a bunny. I just used a bunny cookie cutter for the big part of the sandwich (simply cheddar cheese, avocado, and mustard), then I cut up the rest with my smaller Japanese flower cutters and our Hello Kitty cutters, which have an insert to make a face. If you look closely at the lower left side, you will find a Hello Kitty. We also joked this morning, I hope the bunny doesn't nibble on all the lettuce before lunch time! Decorating the bunny are a few broccoli sprouts we picked up last Saturday at the farmer's market, the girls love to snack on them.

I'm not sure if Sj will eat any of the lettuce that I used to pack the lunch. I will do a follow up post with what she ate. I love when I remember to do that, it's also a good reflection to see what items are a hit and what was a miss.

Try to cue into what comes back and make note of it. Was the portion to big or is it just boredom from repetition... more blueberries, the huge bag of sour cream and onion pirate's booty from costco, or carrot sticks again? Part of the beauty in packing a fun bento is that they are distracted from the same old thing day in and day out.


  1. YUM!! That looks really good! I need to find all of my cookie cutters so I can make cool shapes like that.

    Great Job Denise.


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