Eat Play Love Giveaway Week! Boiron Arnicare Gel!

It's giveaway week at Eat Play Love! I started this blog back in August of 2007. My blogiversary is officially on Friday, but this entire week will have giveaways, everyday! So let's all celebrate together.

Background on today's giveaway:
One day on Twitter, someone I follow posted that Boiron was looking for some bloggers to send free samples of a few of their products to. I happily signed up. I've been a fan of Boiron products for years. Boiron makes homeopathic medicines which to sum up quickly means medicine that has mineral, botanical, and biological substances. Homeopathy is used world wide and the products Boiron makes are all approved by the FDA and contain HPUS ingredients which are active ingredients included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Click here to learn more from Boiron.

Today's giveaway is Boiron's Arnicare Gel, is a topical gel that can be used to treat body aches, pains, muscle fatigue, strains, and bruises.

Before Boiron sent me two tubes of their Arnicare Gel (one to sample and one to giveaway) I had only used their Arnicare Cream. Personally, every time my girls get a bump or bruise and feel sore, I just don't feel comfortable giving them pain reliever medicine. I love the idea of putting some cream on to help relieve the soreness. We actually call all of Boiron's products, fairy magic medicine, in our house. It started with the days of Teething Tabs and it just stuck. I agree it does work like magic, with out harsh ingredients.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we met some friends at the park for a playdate. My 3yo didn't have any major upsetting falls that were brought to my attention, but after we returned home I noticed a huge bump and bruise on her shin. It was bothering her, so I simply applied the Arnicare Gel that evening and a couple of times the next day. Voile it worked like magic, soreness was lessened as well as the huge bruise. Honestly, the Gel has been my best friend these days with getting our house market ready. I have all sorts of bruises that have appeared, not to mention sore and aching sides/back from lifting and lugging boxes and furniture all over my house.

I personally lean towards products that aren't chemical based, that can naturally help relieve minor symptoms we are experiencing. Arnicare Gel is something you'll find in my purse all the time, especially now for park playdates! I do have one warning, do not apply the gel on skin that has been broken (like a scraped knee). The Gel contains alcohol so it really stings when put on broken skin, unfortunately we learned that one the hard way.

Giveaway Details, How to Enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me anything you would like (it's open today)!
2. If you comment as anonymous (which is fine by me) please just include an email address in your comment so I can contact you. I will be shipping the Arnicare Gel out to you personally.
3. One entry per person. Winner chosen at random by
4. Contest ends Friday August 13th at 10pm MST. I will close the comments when the contest ends, so that's easy.
5. Winners announced in one post from the entire week on Saturday!
6. If winner does not respond to my email, I will draw a new winner on Monday August 16.

Good Luck.


  1. I have bought this product before. This stuff is great!

  2. I never really understood the point of arnica gel until recently. While my mom was visiting I strained my shoulder somehow and could barely move my arm or lift anything. With twin toddlers to diaper change you can imagine I was having a rough time. My mom is a big believer in arnica & opened a package that she had bought to take back to PA with her & put it on my shoulder 3 times a day. It was amazing! I could not believe how quickly I started feeling better. Since then I have strained it slightly a couple more times, but haven't had the arnica to put on it. Definitely takes longer to feel better without it. I keep meaning to buy it, but you happens.

    sdrothco AT gmail DOT com

  3. Hello!
    I actually love arnica as well. I got hooked when my (now ex) husband was working as an assistant forest ranger - back in the day. I must admit -I have never tried this brand.. and now I am intrigued! I'm a big believer in homeopathic treatments as well... especially when it comes to kids. Great giveaway!! :) -KD

  4. I have not bought this before,nor heard of it,but it sounds great!! Great giveaways! I just found your site today :) Thanks for the giveaways!

  5. We love arnica and call it "magic cream" here! Thanks for the chance to enter!