Eat Play Love Giveaway Week! Easy LunchBoxes A Great Eco-Friendly Lunch Box!

It's giveaway week at Eat Play Love! I started this blog back in August of 2007. My blogiversary is officially on Friday, but this entire week will have giveaways, everyday! So let's all celebrate together.

Background on Easy Lunchboxes:
Easy Lunchboxes launched in December of 2009 and was born out of a mother's desire to provide her children with healthy alternatives to school food that were waste free. The containers and their cooler bag are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, vinyl, or PVC. One of the great features of Easy Lunchboxes is that they come in a set of 4! Wow! If you pack lunch for your kids, your partner, and yourself these great lunchboxes are a steal (retail $13.95 for set of 4). Click here for more information or to buy a set!

A great feature of the easy lunchboxes is that everything you pack for lunch can go in one container, which is great for the morning lunch packing rush! There are three separate compartments to hold a wonderful variety of foods. I also appreciate that the containers stack inside one another so they don't take up much space in my storage drawer.

This contest includes one set of 4 containers and a handy cooler bag in your choice of color!

How to Enter:

1. Share with me your go to lunch that you pack weekly or how many lunches you make a week!
2. One comment per person.
3. If you comment as anonymous, please leave a valid email in your comment so I can easily contact you. The Easy Lunchboxes will ship directly from the company, so you will need to provide them with your shipping information, I will just pass along name/email.
4. Contest closes Friday 8/13 at 10pm mst, I will close comments when the contest ends.
5. Winners will be announced in one post from the entire week on Saturday (and I'll email you).
6. If winner does not respond to my email, I will draw a new winner on Monday Aug 16.

Good Luck, Happy lunch packing....


  1. Wow! Those look really cool and seem to be a bargain! I try to pack a lunch 5 days a week for myself, my son, and my husband. I love the fact that there is zero waste!

    cataylor AT episd Dot Com

  2. I make three or four lunches per day, five days a week! We do bento style stuff, but we don't have these!

  3. I usually only end up packing my lunch once a week. I really need to get better about it, and these lunch boxes look like they would really help!

  4. Those look so easy! Starting Monday, I'll be packing 1 lunch 4 days a week. Friday is pizza day, which she'll be buying, but I may be sending fruit & veg along anyway. For home use, I'll be making 3 more lunches a day 5 days a week. I'll be optimistic and hope that my husband will make the lunches on the weekend. :)

    sdrothco AT gmail DOT com

  5. I started doing Bento's because of you, and I've never had a real box to do them in...YAY!

    I make 15 lunches per week. 3 per day over 5 days. Because...I homeschool. ;) I pack for me and my daughter and then also for my husband. There's always rice and fruit and then either crackers/cheeses or cute sandwiches. I'm still working on the cute part, but I am trying hard! :)

  6. Also, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! YAY!!!!!!

  7. My husband was just "inventing" this lunchbox in his head last night! We pack 10-15 lunches a week, 2 per day for my kids and then a couple throughout the week for my husband and I.

    cjandcolleen at yahoo dot com

  8. I pack iKeith's lunch every day. He has steal cut oats with peanut butter, a fruit cup, carrots and either a sandwich or leftovers. I tend to use these cool glass containers that I bought because of you.

    I'd love to use these to do lunch at the park with the kids!

  9. I make two lunches everyday. One for myself and one for my 22-month old. In other words, two very different lunches. I would have to say that our "go-to" lunches always include a fruit, garden pasta, and some sort of protein- ok, I will admit that the protein is usually chicken nuggets, turkey meatballs or a veggie burger. Not the best, but quick and easy.

  10. I make 3 lunches a day; one for me, one for each kid. I like those individual hummus containers from Costco paired with wheat thins.

  11. I didn't think it was possible for me to be MORE excited about packing lunches than I was when I saw the Bento boxes, but I AM! I've been searching the stores looking for something just like this!

    I only pack 1 lunch a week for my daughter's mom's morning out. If we go to the beach, I'll pack lunch for both of us. My husband packs his own lunch 4 days per week.

    My favorite lunch is a turkey and cheese sandwich, apple slices, and a brownie. :)

  12. I do between 12-15 packed lunches a week (The Chicken & hubs always pack, Giggles not so much) Hubs lunch is pretty much the same as he likes it that way but The Chicken loves to have salad, fresh fruits, and sometimes leftovers in her lunch. This year she says she wants to make sushi for her lunch, but I am not so sure that will go over so well but I guess we can try a veggie sushi roll or something.

    happy Blogversary!!!

  13. I make about four lunches a week right now, usually for my husband, but I expect to do up to seven starting next month when my little one starts preschool. I'd love to try these containers.

    Happy third blogiversary! :)


  14. These look wonderful. I pack a lunch 5 days a week for my husband. I also pack food for my kids every time we leave the house.
    thanks Sage

  15. Crap. My comment got eaten. I pack my own lunch when I can, and my oldest son's on school days. Great giveaways this week!

  16. I pack 5 lunches a week for my son! He usually has those little pizzas or sandwiches,,or hotdogs!!