First Hot Bento Of The Year!

We love our hot bento, it allows me to pack things like soup and macaroni and cheese for lunch. This bento was purchased in Japan, but it's easy to find stainless steel soup containers at any big box retailers this time of year. They are an investment, but definitely worth it come winter.

From left to right, organic champagne grapes (very tiny grapes, fun for kids!), a fresh fig, baby carrot sticks, and a sliced up red pepper. My daughter sometimes asks for "dipping", but I didn't include any today. She prefers balsamic vinaigrette over ranch, that's my girl! We buy a costco size box of Annie's Organic Shells and Cheese. We've loved annie's macaroni and cheese for almost two decades before we even had children! It turns out to be about .89 cents a box when purchasing it in bulk.

Here's the hot bento all packed up! I love it, in the egg is a handwipe, and a little treat in the piggie!

Happy lunch packing...


  1. where did you purchase this bento? and where in general do you find them online? (I already have laptop lunches and love it.)

    here is one bento we have done. we are gfcfsf (gluten,casein soy free.)

    so glad i found this. looking forward to more. i need IDEAS!!!! :)

  2. Where did you get this??
    It looks very useful! Is the soup can tightly closed?


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