Fruit and Whole Grains Bento

It's funny when I looked at the photo of this bento, I had the realization that I have rarely packed a sandwich so far this year for my daughter. Some days I do cute and creative and others, I just get lunch made. This morning and most of the time when I prepare a quesadilla, it's a get it done bento day.

Today's bento features:
Local organic cantaloupe, home made from scratch mini blueberry muffin, multigrain Garden of Eatin tortilla chips, La Mariposa organic whole wheat tortilla and Tillamook medium cheddar cheese quesadilla, strawberries, blackberries, and a few m&m's in the piggy for a treat.

Disclosure: All products were purchased by my family and not included by a sponsor with payment or free samples.


  1. I'm wondering how the quesadilla tastes cold the next day? How do you prepare them?

  2. Diana, I lightly toast them fresh in the morning. I don't prepare them the night before, I pack all the bentos fresh in the morning. I am assuming it's more like room temperature by the time she eats. You could also use foil to help keep it warmer.


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