Rainbow Of Fruits and Vegetables Bento

Last night I was chatting up a couple of friends about all things bento when I made a comment about how the bentos I create wouldn't stand a chance against some of the bento blogs I read. Luckily my friend said, but you're bentos are accessible. Accessible is something to take pride in because every bento I create for my daughter first has the focus of nutrition, then a playful nature. What I do is something everyone can do, the best part is all you need to do is to give it a try!

Today's bento contains large pearl couscous (aka Israeli couscous) left over from dinner last night with a drizzle of vinaigrette, blueberries, snap peas, a tomato, medium cheddar cheese slices cut into bunnies, piggies, and kitties, and last some Annie's cheddar bunnies (on sale at Target this week for $1.99 a box). When I shop for produce at costco, we have a large quantity, so I do send Sj with the same foods a few days in a row. I believe switching up the presentation helps beat the repetition of the foods.

This bento my husband picked up in Vancouver, it came with a green cotton carrying bag. I love the quotes that are on Japanese bentos, the bag and bento cover says "It is so wonderful to be able to maintain your dreams". Isn't that great? Another feature I love about this type of bento, is that it has two snap handles on the sides and the top is raised. When packing a bento it's nice to have a little wiggle room on the top, with just a bit of a raised lid you don't have to worry about everything being smashed by closing it up.

Please share a favorite go to lunch food...