Three Years Later: Eat Play Love, Eat Pray Love...Aah What's The Difference...

Today is the big day, the day three years ago I hit publish and this blog was born. It's my blogiversary as I like to call it, but I've also seen a few different versions, such as blogversary and blogaversary. Since it's my blogiversary, I'm sticking with the i spelling. Even though it's never been directly discussed here, yes I've read the book Eat Pray Love. I enjoyed it in case you were wondering. I was even asked once if I wrote THE book, I chuckled and replied I have no aspirations to be an author. I truly had a light bulb moment somewhere around August 10, 2007 when I thought EAT PLAY LOVE was the perfect name for my blog.

Now, at this very moment three years later it seems Eat Play Love and Eat Pray Love intersects in the universe in a way that only something that is meant to be can happen. Today is the opening of Eat Pray Love in the theaters and my blogging anniversary. Somewhat intriguing, no? I love when things just happen by chance and seem magical.

Those three words have come to sum up so much more of my life than I could've envisioned. In some ways those words have defined me, especially online and in the circle of friends I've met through blogging and social media. Really I don't regret defining myself by three beautiful words, for I love to eat food prepared with love and feed people just as much, play always is in the back of my mind keeping me grounded in who I truly want to be, and of course love. My heart is big and giving and ultimately love is the cure (which my best friend reinforced in me tonight when I was having a pity party with her via text). Don't we all need a bit more eat, play, and love in our lives?

So from the depths of pure gratitude and a big smile on my face, I would like to whole heartedly thank every one of you that reads my words. Maybe it's occasionally, maybe it's faithfully, but either way is okay with me.



  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    So glad we started this lovely blog with this perfect name or we might not have ever met!

  2. Happy blogiversary :)

    And I love your creativity with the blog name. I do like me some eat, play, and love...

  3. Love it. Three beautiful years. Hope you celebrate with a girls' night out at the movies.


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