Uh Oh, Day 2 Back To School...and How To Carry A Bento!

Sometimes you stay up a bit late the night before, sometimes you hit snooze a few times more than you should, and sometimes you rise with your girls to find a bento already packed! This morning J packed the bento, here it is:

PB&J on whole wheat bread, Annie's wheat bunny crackers, and strawberries. Typically I would use a cookie cutter to make the sandwich into shapes, but since daddy made it, I let it go. I recently found a new line of jelly, called Crofter's Superfruit Spread. This particular one has wild blueberries and cranberries blended with morello cherries and red grapes! Definitely not the grape jelly of our childhood. The Hello Kitty Easter egg contains a handwipe.

I've decided to write a daily note to Sj this year. I placed her stainless steel bento (brought back from Japan) in a Miffy cotton drawstring bag. The wax bag contains a Colorado peach for snack. My daughter's school has a garden and minimal waste, which means every classroom has a compost bucket. This wax bag can go into the compost bin, yeah!

Bento Tip:
I was recently asked how I send the bento into school. If it's a bento I want to keep cold, I use the blue lunch bag in the upper left corner, it has a insulated lining. The three cotton bags are big enough to hold all of our bentos, a snack, and sometimes a water bottle. The green one with two drawstring handles is the traditional style bag and came with a bento. The Miffy bag Sj used today, I purchased in NYC. Any small bag with handles will do really, if you aren't concerned about keeping it cool. The pink bag from a toy shop in NYC and my old Shabby Chic purse are great examples of that!

Disclaimer, all products mentioned were purchased by our family and were not sent as free samples or for product inclusion.


  1. Way to go Daddy...he makes a great Bento!

  2. Thanks for the pic of your bento bags, that helps. I picked up a Hello Kitty insulated lunch bag the other day, and I'm hoping that it will fit the bentos I just bought from Japanistic.com. I went a little crazy. :) They were so cute though, I couldn't resist.

    I need to find a way to streamline my lunch packing. It is taking *far* too long every night. Hopefully it is just that I'm so new to it. I'm going to try menu planning, 'cause I'm OCD that way...



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