Well Balanced Kid's Lunch, Including Turkey Meatballs & Champagne Grapes...

Today's Laptop Lunch contains homemade turkey meatballs with some organic ketchup for dipping. We like organic ketchup in our house because it doesn't contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (a big no, no in our home). To accompany the protein I also put some Pirate's Booty, snap peas, baby carrots, champagne grapes, and a small hunk of angel food cake. I couldn't pass up the organic champagne grapes the other day at Whole Foods, they were just adorable, and they are bursting with sweetness! Are you thinking angel food cake? The piece is very small, about the size of saltine cracker, but 1/2 inch thick. Plus, it's from the Whole Foods Bakehouse, so the ingredients list reads just like homemade! Sometimes I like to stick a little treat in her lunch box. Sj always does a great job eating lunch so I don't have to worry about her just filling up on her treat!

I contemplated heating up the meatballs or just sending them cold. Today I decided to send them cold, I ate one this morning cold and it was just fine. I placed a little ice pack inside the insulated bag that came with her laptop lunch.


  1. I have meatballs planned for L this week too. We're having pasta for dinner the night before, so it's a natural. I'm also going to try including some noodle "nests" of our spaghetti like in this pic: http://lunchinabox.net/2008/04/29/zarusoba-noodle-nest-bento/ Not sure if she'll eat it or not. :P I love how you have the meatballs on the picks already.

    I often include some kind of treat for L. Sometimes it is as big as a cookie, but usually it is quite small like a few yogurt covered raisins. As long as she likes what I've sent as a meal, she eats the meal before the treat.


  2. I don't normally bother trying to buy organic processed stuff -except- ketchup. I do think hfcs is of the devil, but also, don't you think it tastes fantastic? I thought I didn't like ketchup anymore, turns out I just didn't like the kind I was buying!


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