Where To Buy Bentos near Denver, Colorado

We went shopping at the Colorado Mills Mall today and stopped into the Sanrio (aka Hello Kitty) shop. I decided to take some photos and do some browsing for you, so you can see the selection they have before heading out. I was actually impressed by the variety and they also carried many lunchbags (some with a bento inside), chopsticks, fork/spoon in a case combos, stainless steel water bottles and hot liquid containers, and even a couple of cotton bento bags. We picked up a cotton bento bag for $8.

While the selection for boys was limited, don't despair, they did have bentos for boys there!
The boxes below have either a regular flat closing lid or snap handle sides for the top closure. Some contain a fork/spoon combo built in to them. None of these below have a divider inside, it's just one open compartment (easy enough with a few silicone cupcake liners). These bentos are a great size I know it appears sandwich size, but it's not it's much larger and deeper. The prices were $7 for the plain ones (no fork/spoon) to I believe $9.50. I didn't write down the prices, so I am just estimating.

The bentos below are made from metal, from the feel of it I would guess aluminum over stainless steel, but I'm not sure. They were on clearance for $10. They did contain a divider ad an elastic band to keep it together, I would consider them to be a medium size bento. Note, one for boys!

These bentos below were a great size. $16 for a two tier, snap side locking bento. We loved the Shinkansen design (which is the Japanese bullet train) which was my daughter's favorite train back when she was 2 and obsessed with trains. The other designs were cute as well, variations from the traditional Hello Kitty crew.

For store hours and location information, click through to the Colorado Mills website.


  1. We discovered that store a couple weeks ago! Loved their selection.

    Today was their 50th Birthday...did you meet Hello Kitty?


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