Feeding Friends, Because A Homemade Lunch Is Comfort Food...

Our friends have been displaced by the Four Mile Canyon fire. One of the first things that came up was that the kids needed lunch boxes, so instead of buying lunch boxes I simply offered to pack lunch for the kids until they are settled into their new living arrangements. I wouldn't have it any other way, a homemade lunch is a simple way to keep things consistent for the children while they face so much change in their lives.

Then Laptop Lunches stepped up and graciously offered to donate two Bento Kits to my friend's children. A huge thank you to them for their generosity.

So now I am packing 3 lunches in the morning! Right now it cuts into my creative side because I'm figuring things out, but I am getting more into a groove. You will see my creativity come out next week.

This is what I've packed this week:


  1. So glad that LL donated boxes, that was so generous of them! And you are a great mom and friend, making lunches for the kids. :)


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