I Couldn't Tell You What Is In My Daughter's Lunch Today...

Even though I could have posted a photo of a bento I packed a few weeks ago, I have decided to refrain. The title of this post isn't a joke, my husband packed lunch for our daughter this morning. Truth be told, I didn't even open her Laptop Lunch to see what was in there.

We sold our house this month and will be moving in a month. Let's just say life has become a little bit hectic and overwhelming as we are still with out a home to move into. To top off the chaos my one year old refrigerator decided to frost over in the freezer affecting the air circulation to the refrigerator. A light bulb went off in the morning when the milk in glass bottles I pulled out of the refrigerator was warm to the touch. Glass in the refrigerator is never warm to the touch.

Anyway, life does go on, but my bento packing is on hold. I am off to San Francisco for a few days and when I return my collection will have grown and I am hoping so will my inspiration.