Like Father, Like Daughter....

If I'm packing one lunch, it just makes sense to pack another. I guess I got into a groove packing three lunches for a short stint. I didn't mind it at all. Even got my wheels turning a bit about something that has potential for the future. Today J is eating exactly the same lunch that Sj is. Like father, like daughter or is it vice versa?

This morning, Sj requested tuna in her lunch. I only purchase 365 Brand (whole foods private label) Tongol Tuna, if you click here you can read about their testing methods and the level of mercury found in the specific type of tuna. Tongol Tuna is not white meat tuna, but "chunk light" and a tuna that is typically found to have lower levels of mercury by nature because of it's size. I put sliced cheddar on the bread first to avoid it from becoming soggy. Grapes, strawberries, broccoli, tomato, and booty. For a special treat, I gave her a pack of Annie's organic bunny fruit snacks. The yellow container has balsamic vinaigrette for dipping her broccoli.

This is J's version. I wonder how the booty is going to go over in the kitchen at work, sitting around with the guys.