How Much Is Enough? I'm A Retailers Nightmare...

I suppose it was all the chatter and hoopla surrounding the day after Thanksgiving that sent me into heavy reflection. The notorious Black Friday didn't fill me with any urge or desire to run out to my local big box store in the wee hours of the morning fighting crowds, waiting in line to save some money. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good sale. But, the stuff that I am wanting to spend money on right now wasn't exactly Black Friday hot items.

Here's what I'm hot for, a new sofa, a pantry cabinet, a hutch with great storage, french doors for my family room, a teepee for the backyard. Are we sensing a theme here? I'm still head over heels in new house mode, we close on Monday and move next weekend. I'm dreaming of nesting, dreaming of unpacking boxes of my possessions, some of which have been stored since this summer. I packed 5 huge boxes of the girls toys in July before staging my house, they are going to be so excited to see all their stuff again! In just a couple of weeks, once we are unpacked it's going to feel like Christmas.

But what about December 25th?

The magic of a new home is filling me with excitement. I can't wait to decorate our house, bake cookies, hang our stocking on our mantle above the fireplace, fill the home with holiday joy, but...

The stuff part is leaving me disenchanted.

The process of moving our home that we comfortably settled into over the course of eight years has brought about much reflection. Living in a small two bedroom apartment with only 1/3 of our belongings has really impacted my desire to want more stuff. Honestly I try to fight that notion I mean everyone loves more stuff, isn't weeding out and downsizing a thing you reserve for Spring? Apparently not for me. Don't get me wrong, I've done plenty of purging in the past six months, but I fear bringing on the holiday glut.

I want my girls to have a wonderful memorable holiday, which is always attached to gifts in their minds. I love buying them toys that make their eyes light up and fill them with joy. In this very moment, I'm at a loss as for what toys those are this year which is an awful feeling. Sj's letter to Santa requested her two front teeth and a bouquet of flowers. I joked that I wish it was 1983 and I was fighting tooth and nail for a Cabbage Patch Doll to make my girls' Christmas fantastic.

This year, I'm on a hunt for toys and gifts that will be memorable. We already have bins of polly pockets, littlest pet shops, barbies, american girls, baby dolls, kitchen playset, legos, wooden blocks, a closet of games. In my opinion my girls have enough already.

So the mental debate goes on, how much is enough? What makes a gift memorable? How will Christmas 2010 play out in our home?


  1. I don't know, but I'm sure it will be fabulous whatever you decide to get them. We're on the same wave length in our house. Not nesting, per se, but needing and wanting little for the holidays. We bought our daughter a bunch of new books, and our son, nada! He's only a baby and won't care! Hope the closing and move in go as planned! Have FUN!

  2. I feel the same way. Not sure how I'm going to make this Christmas special, but am thinking we will try to focus on a few special experiences, like going to a play?!

  3. Good for you! This year, we're trying to focus on experiences and presents we can experience as a family i.e. Santa is getting them toys they want for Christmas but from my husband and me, they're getting board games and fun things was can do as a family.

  4. I'm with Amber - experiences create the best memories! Do you have a membership to the Denver Zoo? Botanic Gardens? When I was 8 my favorite aunt gave me a year's subscription to a book series with biographies of famous people. I looked forward to the every-other-month delivery way more than I ever anticipated Santa.

    Best of luck on your very happy for you!!

    Kath :-)

    (Met you at the Gluten Free potluck)

  5. I woke up pretty sad yesterday with my thoughts on the excesses of the season. We all choose how we want to celebrate this time of year though. And I deeply admire my friends who choose to live this time of year by expressing gratitude and going deeper than a wallet.

  6. I just dropped by to say Welcome to #reverb10, and I find you're pondering the same question that haunts me throughout the years, but especially during holidays: how much is enough, exactly? Look forward to hearing more from you during #reverb10 in December!

  7. I don't know. It's pretty tough, huh? I still haven't started my Christmas shopping for my boys yet. I know what the big ticket items will be from Santa, and I know my 5 year old only really wants fossils, more mining equipment (to chip away at rocks and pretend he's a paleontologist, really) and some crystals. My almost 3 year old? No idea, really! He keeps saying all he wants is chocolate! Have you considered doing something different, like rather than toys, an original piece of artwork for each of them for their rooms, that they can keep forever? Just an idea!

  8. Totally agree about having too many things. We're focusing more on quality this year rather than quantity. And we're always about the experiences. The trip is the big gift this year for the kids.


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