Munchkin Masquerade with a Haunted House Chaser...

Quick update: I'm writing from an apartment that we moved into following closing. I will write about everything once we close on our home at the end of the month. I feel a bit superstitious writing about the entire process of selling and buying before it's a real done deal! As you may imagine packing and moving the contents of a home we settled very comfortably into over eight years was a ton of work, then multiply that by a three and that's really how much work it was. We still have one more move ahead of us, but at least 2/3 of our belongings are in storage and I don't have to repack them, they just need to be hauled.

Now onto more fun things, we spent our first Halloween in Boulder! Pearl St Mall had a great event called Munchkin Masquerade, where some businesses even provided great "green treats". Some of the loot I was delighted to let my girls dig into after the event were bags of trail mix, organic fruit leather, organic fair trade chocolates, and pretzels. Of course there was other candy at the event, but I personally loved the alternatives. Only in Boulder.

After the masquerade we stopped by a haunted house which was done up quite deluxe. We sat out front in the car oohing and aahing from the street. Then the girls asked to get out, so we walked around a bit, then they asked to go on the porch. That was a mistake. Luckily this photo was captured before GL was terrified by the motion sensor creepy masked dummy started screeching and rocking.

We ran off, I had a brave but scared daughter in my arms...


  1. Excited for your final move!

    Nice costume Denise!

  2. Oooh so excited for you! Fingers crossed all goes as planned!

  3. Happy for you :) Looks like so much fun and what great treats!-Melissa

  4. I totally understand being superstitious! Glad you enjoyed your Halloween!!!


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