Nintendo, San Francisco, and Ten Memorable Women...

Last month I was invited by Nintendo to participate in an advisory group panel at the Nintendo offices in San Francisco. It was almost one year ago I was asked to be a Nintendo Brand Ambassador. I jumped at both opportunities with out hesitation, as Nintendo is a brand I've always been fond of for over two decades. A couple of nights in San Francisco sounded like a nice getaway from being entrenched in all things house (selling and buying). I knew four of us from Colorado would be traveling out together, so that eased my comfort level with being thrown into a new situation solo. Unfortunately my seat mate Julie was stuck next to me on the flight out, so even though she pulled out her laptop to get some writing done mid-flight I basically gabbed her ear off the entire way. Please accept my apology for that Julie, but our conversation helped me suppress all the neurotic thoughts and fears I had while flying. Before I knew it, a dense fog was out my window cascading over the mountain tops, a welcomed hello San Francisco style.

All ten of us agreed to meet downstairs for dinner after we settled into the hotel. I felt comfortable knowing half of the group and I also felt lame for not stopping by the other writer's blogs to do a little background reading before meeting them. I say this with some hesitation, but it's sometimes hard to read how a dinner may go with a group of ten women just off traveling. Everyone had varying levels of relationships with one another from just meeting to deep friendships that have developed over years. I most happily admit, all of those notions I held in the back of my mind walking into the room quickly faded once we all sat down together. I couldn't of been more honored to sit, converse, and laugh until my cheeks hurt for hours with everyone in the group. It amazes me how empowering it is to be in the company of brilliant women who openly discuss their lives and passions. That evening I will always remember with great fondness.

The next day, off to Nintendo we went.

There was some game playing, Wii Party to be exact. I enjoyed seeing how my dinner mates from the night before handled themselves gaming. They all faired pretty well, some of them were even more competitive than I would have imagined! We then had lots of conversation, engaging talks with plenty of honesty in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Maybe it was because we were in the Mario's Galaxy 2 conference room??? A couple of times I sat there day dreaming and thinking to myself, is this really happening? Am I really sitting at a conference table in San Francisco surrounded by such incredibly progressive thinkers? Yes I was and with that, how lucky am I?

Life is sometimes magically unpredictable and visiting Nintendo was definitely a full circle moment for me. An opportunity I will never forget.

Photos: Dreaming in Progress was the sign outside of the incredible Kirby's Epic Yarn room, dessert at the hotel which made the evening even sweeter, inside Kirby's Epic Yarn room, and the Nintendo offices gaming area.

Bloggers, starting one in from left to right:
Gwen, Amber, Janet, Marsha, Sizzle, Aimee, Me!, Julie, and Tracey

A post I wrote about my fondness for Super Mario Brothers, two years ago, click here.

Disclosure, I was paid a stipend, as well as travel expenses to serve on the advisory panel for Nintendo in San Francisco.


  1. What a great opportunity for you! Sounds like you learned a lot and met great women in the process. - Melissa

  2. that was fun, wasn't it? i loved chatting at the end of that long table with you! : )


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