House Project 1: Creation Of A Pantry

Our new house has a 1960's kitchen. It hasn't been updated, except for appliances and even those could use some modernization. The cabinets are original and don't have the conveniences that we were accustomed to in our former remodeled kitchen, such as slide out drawers in the lower cabinets or a luxurious and spacious corner cabinet. Even counter top space is at a premium.

BUT, we aren't quite ready to take on a kitchen remodel. We've decided to wait at least a year to overhaul the kitchen, for many reasons. I want to do it right, settle into the space, figure out how we would like things configured in the future. Ikea is opening soon in Denver and we will probably take that route when we do the remodel. I didn't want to just throw things up here willy nilly or purchase a new appliance that wouldn't work as well in the new space. We love to cook, we want our kitchen done just right, which means having a little patience and a vision.

So in the mean time, we decided to create a pantry to help solve our storage issues. Plus I've always wanted a pantry, for years I've dreamt of having a pantry, and now I have one! For about $150 bucks, many of our 1960's kitchen dilemmas have been solved!

We have a rather large laundry/mudroom (around 7ft x 10ft), which just happens to sit off of our kitchen. We decided there was enough space to cut through the wall into the laundry room and create a pantry. First the washer and dryer plumbing and electrical were moved so we could place them into the corner of the room (for best utilization of the space). The pantry bump out takes up about 4ft x 2ft of space in the corner, which isn't much considering the amount of awesome storage we got out of it! With the changes, I feel like there is still plenty of space in the room to convert it someday into a crafting room.

Here's a photo story of the pantry!

That's my brother, measuring and cutting the opening of the wall for the pantry.

Voile! It's open, like magic. See my washer and dryer back there in the corner?
It's really a big laundry room!

Framed and drywall going up!

Painted, shelving in, next up door and trim!

Here's my unorganized pantry! My first goal was to get everything inside and well, the organization will come later. Where would I have put all this stuff?

Work in progress, but beyond delighted with the finished job!


  1. What a great idea! I miss my pantry! IT was so handy!

  2. stories that include pix - ESPECIALLY "Befores" and "Afters".

    Not sure if you've thought this far ahead, but have you considered Tupperware Modular Mates for storage? I used to do Tupperware Kitchen makeovers and MMates help create vertical storage.


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