Reverb10: Photo That Best Captures Me!

Who am I, who do I strive to be?
A photo based reflection by Tracey Clark (yes two separate links, click them both).

Of course I had to be difficult and find two photos. The first one was the one I knew I was looking for, but the second one I needed to share as well. It's all a part of my journey and reflection.

January 2010, an alley in London...
So, here I am standing in a random alley in London. Turns out it's not so random, but rather a place I was drawn to and had a "dream come true moment" captured by two fabulous friends. Those girlfriends were kind enough to indulge me in traipsing around the streets of London, until we found this exact alley. We spent hours walking London that day, the sun was starting to set, my toes were cold and my feet were tired, but we carried on. The building straight down the narrow driveway is the home of Coldplay's recording studio. The place I was standing I convinced myself was a spot that Chris Martin would turn around the corner at any given moment, bump into me and I could give a flustered hello as our eyes met for the very first time. That part didn't happen, but the moment was just as incredible.

Even though when I look at the photo I could name 1,001 things to nit pick about myself, I simply love this photo. It's a glimpse into many small moments of my life aligning to create one moment of pure joy. It reveals how incredibly awesome life can be when you have a little faith in yourself and let go of the things in life that can hold you back. I did it, I really did it...

My birthday, December 2010, Boulder, Colorado...
My brother was in town for the month of December, helping us settle in. I asked him to join me on a new hiking trail that's in my neighborhood. I was drawn to the mountains and needed to spend some time there on my birthday. It turned out to be a wonderful hike, the weather was perfect for December.

Spending time hiking, being nestled right under the shadows of large rocky outcroppings, leaves me feeling peaceful and content. This photo represents the happiness I found in taking a leap of faith (selling our first home and moving back to Boulder). It also reminds me of the pleasure I find in being surrounded by nature while working out, a combination that suits my personality just perfectly.

When I decided to choose both photos, I didn't quite make the connection until I started writing. After returning from London, we made the decision to move. The first photo really inspired the second. In 2010 I truly learned how to believe in myself again, even if it meant facing many of my fears.


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