200 Hikes: Day 2 Pure Rocky Mountain Sunshine

My favorite part about hiking is when my pace becomes meditative.

Steady, rhythmic flow...

Coming out of the Canyon, the sunshine was blazing. I had to take a few shots directly into the sun. It created these amazing flower petal flares. That's how pure Rocky Mountain sunshine translates behind the lens.

On my way into the Canyon, it was crisp, but the sunshine was warming my back.


  1. I love your 200 hikes idea and would like to volunteer to be a hiking partner...hopefully soon! ESPECIALLY now that we're in the same town!

  2. I'm so inspired by you Denise. Do you hike alone? Do you bring some kind of bear spray or something with you? Or do you go with friends and your kids and stuff? I really, really hope that one day we can live somewhere as picturesque as the Rockies and I can hike all the time too. In the meantime I'll just enjoy your stories and photos.

  3. What beautiful scenery! Love the pictures :)


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