200 Hikes: Day 3, I Simply Embrace It...

I was lying in bed, when I caught a glimpse of the blue sky through a small opening in the curtains. The house was quiet and I took a moment to gaze out the window. The first thing that came to my mind was the stillness of the trees. It's been incredibly windy lately, almost scary windy. I jumped out of bed wanting to seize the moment and go for a hike. I dropped Sj off at school and hit the trail for a short one before J had to get to work.

This morning I didn't see anyone on the trail and with the calm conditions the hike was very meditative for me, just how I like it.

When I hike alone, I fall naturally into a rhythmic pace. I found the trail still covered partially with ice and hard packed snow. Footprints and paw prints, walking sticks, and even crampons littered the trail with their impressions, frozen in time. A swirl of sound from the birds first delighted my ears, as I felt like I was listening in on a conversation between a group of good friends. Their tweets, squeaks, and whistles flowed back and forth as my feet moved up the trail. Another perk of a calm morning, tuning into the low layer of sounds that typically go unnoticed. Crunch, crunch go my boots as I make my way onto an icy patch. I consciously step back onto a dirty patch of earth, the sound of my presence is reduced dramatically.

At the top of the first climb the trail tapers off into a meadow and wider tree lined path. I glanced to the south and noticed the sunshine blanketing the crisp grasses and pine tree needles. Many times we often connect the sunshine as blanketing and warming the earth, but on a cold Winter morning it's more than a metaphor. I decide to head towards a boulder and take my snapshot of the day, once again directly into the sun through the trees.

I've become enamored by the fractalization of the sun's rays in my photos, on this lovely morning, I couldn't resist. Light streaming over me, I simply embrace it.

This photo, is just how it was captured by my iPhone.

While putting my watermark on the photo in Picnik, I couldn't help myself.

Until the next trail....


  1. Those delicious meditative walks are the best. Perhaps the reality of Muir's "Going to the mountains is like going home" quote.


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